Toolz Channels ‘Yoruba Demoness’ in Her Husband’s Agbada


Toolz Channels ‘Yoruba Demoness’ in Her Husband’s AgbadaTolu Oniru aka Toolz took to her Instagram page to share a swoon worthy photo of herself playing dress up in her husband’s agbada.

In the photo, the OAP is seen dressed in a flowing white Agbada with a gold necklace adorning her neck.

She completed the ‘dress up’ moment with a vibrant green head tie and a lone bracelet on her wrist.

Toolz stated that apart from wearing her husband clothes, he played the role of a photographer capturing the couple’s cute moment.

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She wrote in the caption, ‘Playing dress up! #YorubaDemoness looolAgbada: His📸: Him.’

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  1. Abeg, let’s stoping using all these words like “Yoruba Goddess, Yoruba Demoness, etc”! For me, those words arent cool and it sickens person.. Pls oh! Anyways, she looks lovely bcos she is Toolz of course

  2. I know many people don’t know who this is.I didn’t know her too until I opened the link, but now I know her:She is Tolu Oniru and as you can see she looks super-duper dope in her husband’s “agbada”.

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  4. I don’t care weda demonnes or goddess.. I always feel proud wen my gal wore my cloth.


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