The love and obsession with tattoo is really on the high side for this lady.

Her face is adorned with inking of different sorts, including a gun.

What do you think? Cool?

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  2. Like seriously? Must you have to go this far? Abeg e no fit u at all… See how u look like an ugly idiot. See how u resemble one of the witches in my neighbour’s village… Just for the love of tattoo…, I dont just if I should hiss or laugh… This is an act of foolishness

  3. If your av a latest range Rover 2017 u won’t wanna scratch d body unelse is a trailer… Any lady dat tatoo re body is a trailer.

  4. Why would someone in his/her right senses do this to his/her self?! This is totally uncalled for. #totalmadness

  5. Her choice Sha I don’t fancy common tattoo on the hand or leg talk more of designing your face like a holy bitch…. Not cool to me…you look like a mad dog

  6. na her choice….wht nonose is that….like seriously….u look like a bull dog…..keep it up, that my advice for u

  7. Dead body better pass dis disgusting thing even though u want to draw a tattoo must u be stupid, she is just abusing the beauty of tattoo

  8. Enh tattoo mmm nawa luk at aw she con resemble roasted banana d glass wey she wear con spoil evritin she con luk lik dog shit lolz just passin

  9. Wow! What a masquerade! I beg wic kan bitch be this for heaven sake? c her like say she dey for inside dem meeting. Bad girl, bad colour 2geda with bad appearance. WIZARD!