Lady pranks her Nigerian mum that she’s pregnant for a white man who disvirgined her after they met at the club


Earlier, we brought you a story of boy who pranked his mum the he iimpregnated a white woman, well, a lady has done the same.

Her mum’s response is quite opposite to the other woman and people are both admiring and criticizing her for it.

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  1. Why not use a reputable nigerian figure like dangote nd his likes, anyways its a prank do it in real life in my house die is ur name

  2. Hahahahaha, her mum didn’t get mad at her rather she was encouraging her not to abort the pregnancy

  3. Lol… These pranks on nigerian mums…. Just pray one of the few curses wont work on them. You know nigerian mums are quick to releasing curses when they are shocked…Lol…

  4. Lol. We young people enjoy pranking our nigerian parents. The day pranking will become reality, I pity some people. Let her mum’s anger not turn her pranking to reality for her oh. Lol

  5. For real?.Okay oh!!.Me too I will go and prank my Mother and tell her that one of Buhari pretty daughters offered to give me her number but I rejected it despite this Buharised period and biting recession wey Nigerians dey find way of escaping………..*oya lemme come and be going!!

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  7. Na because he is white, tell your mama say na Nigerian guy, she go escort you abort am…my younger bro shouldn’t try this with my mumif the girl like make she blue, white red or black…infact afraid no go let am prank the prank sef

  8. This one claim virgin with nose rings… That ring automatically qualifies you not to be one…. Lol


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