Ivanka Trump Collection Auctions For One Dollar Following Dad's Policies

The first Daughter of the United States Ivanka Trump is bearing the brunt of her father’s controversial policies.

Following the travel ban policy among others, Ivanka’s fashion line has come under threat.

Buyers across the states are reportedly boycotting the President’s daughter’s fashion line.

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In a recent development, a store put up a tremendous price slash of a dress from her clothing line.

Ivanka Trump Collection Auctions For One Dollar Following Dad's PoliciesThis dress, in particular, was slashed from $39 to a paltry sum of one dollar.


  1. this man is as arrogant as a military man, its costing her daughter now, u no say US no be naija, see as Zarah de cruise with her husband like say no be her father wey de miss

  2. is good at least make you feel what others re feel bc of your fathers policies, but i dey pity d girl shaa

  3. Buyers across the state are reportedly boycotting the president daughter fashion line……Why wil they not when your father is now one of the most hated person in America and even some parts of the world…..Trump need to soften some of his hardcore policies and be willing to accomodate the feelings of Americans with some of his policies that have become quite unpopular among the people!!

  4. Wow! this is serious. Nomally, many americans and I mean many americans, hate ur father and since your business involves selling to americans, sorry dear but u dont expect people to start patronizing ur business. Their interests on ur fashion lone will start declining.

  5. This is one of the consequences of having a father like Donald Trump whom everyone hates…. You dont expect ur business to succeed when many people hate ur father so much. People hatred for a popular father like Donald Trump, usually affects the children’s businesses….

  6. With just a matter of time everything will be working fine, the fact that almost everybody in the world re against her father means nothing to that,God will restore ur businesses