Typical african mum.

To say she flew into a rage is an underscore.

Well, what wee we expecting? A pat on the head? Some mum will do so though.

See this lady prank on her mum.

READ :- Lady pranks her Nigerian mum that she’s pregnant for a white man who disvirgined her after they met at the club

'Say No to Single Parenthood, It is an Anomaly' _ Says a Nigerian Mother

See this lady prank on her mum.

READ :- Lady pranks her Nigerian mum that she’s pregnant for a white man who disvirgined her after they met at the club

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  1. Seriously the guy need brain ooo, pls instruct him to come forward let the prayer warriors of pray for him

  2. Am sure d mum will curse him,his mum tought will be for dis recession u go give person belle u better take her to ur father’s relative

  3. The sense that u don’t have is paining me.. mum no one is pregnant oo I did it to know ur reaction.. Well u have seen her reaction..

  4. When some parents are happy that their son impregnates a white girl,this mum flew into a rage to the extent that she called her son “an unfortunate being”, and at the end of the day she called him a coward when he said it is a prank

  5. na one thing with our African moms ,they never cease cursing their kids, thats why 70% of them no de be something in future, later de go de sleep for church praying but na wetin de use their mouth talk. De be Like “Emeka! I sent you on an errand and you no go , e no go beta for u, your children go do u as u do me, u no go be Like a man”later Emeka go to turn Bobrisky or Seun Agbegbe. So u see?

  6. She is just trying to b a mother if she sound good to the guy he might try to do the real part an u guys should know he is still a student how do u expect him to take care of the girl an himself .there is time for everything

  7. Madam is he not not your son? and u called him unfortunate then u trained him to be unfortunate or u unfortunately got pregnent and gave birth to him

  8. This is not good. I don’t like parent using bad words in their children, it always have an effect on them

  9. He’s really an unfortunate being .. when the parents are thinking of how to gather his nxt school fees.. he’s there pranking the mum..