Adele Broke her Grammy to give Beyoncé the Other Half (Photos)


Adele Broke her Grammy to give Beyoncé the Other Half (Photos)Adele was the toast of the music world at the 2017 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night, picking up five honours and used her final moments on stage to salute Beyoncé and her “monumental” album “Lemonade.”

The winner of five categories at the 59th Grammys broke her ‘Record of the Year’ award to give half of it to Beyoncé on Sunday night, after the British singer won Album of the Year for 25.

Adele beat out Beyoncé for both Album of the Year and Song of the Year, in wins many people — including Adele herself — found unfair.

Adele Broke her Grammy to give Beyoncé the Other Half (Photos)In a tearful speech while accepting the final award, Adele said,

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“I can’t possibly accept this award,” she said. “The Lemonade album was just so monumental, Beyoncé. It was so monumental and well thought-out and beautiful and soul-bearing… we appreciate that. All of us artists here adore you. You are our light.”

Both women’s albums ’25’ AND ‘Lemonade’ broke all records and they truly deserve a winning piece of the coveted category.

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  1. picking up five honours? Wow she is a genius. I love Adele ever since I heard her songs ( Someone Like You and Hello). Nice one Nice one .its good of her to salute Beyonce cos that album *Lemonade* is “monumental” indeed.

  2. Awww… That’s so cute and cool… She looked beyond herself… I love her selflessness…. I’m so surprised Adele backed 5 Grammys from 5 nominations. She won all! Wow! She really have fans


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