I Wasn't Born with a Silver Spoon but Why not Create your Gold Spoon with Diamonds _ Chika Ike Shares Inspiring Post

Chika Ike took to her Instagram page to share an inspiring post to her fans.

The ‘African Diva’ host talked on doing a lot of things and not knowing how she keeps it together.

Sipping her hot mint tea while dressed in a white terry robe, Chika talks on conquering the world in her five inch stilettos.

In her own words, she wrote,

“Sipping my piping hot Mint tea with a lot to do on my mind . I really don’t know how I do all I do and still stay sane. My Aim is to conquer my world and I’m doing it in my five inches stilettos ??.”

Continuing with more motivational words, Chika stated that,

“I wasn’t born with a Silver spoon but who says it has to be Silver ? why not create your Custom made Gold or Platinum spoon with Diamonds around it ??Lol … Push yourself, run your own race , love you ,never give up on yourself and your dreams. Listen to that silent voice that says ” DO IT” . DO IT scared, DO IT tired , DO IT confused …. just DO IT .#africandiva #AppleofGodseye.”

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  1. Awww… That’s so inspiring… You are right sister… You can crate ur own gold spoon with diamonds…. You must not be born with a silver spoon to be a great person in life. You can create ur own spoon

  2. And that is what am working towards now and I knw that my God is liveth and I will achive my dreams.

  3. Its not as if we are not trying to make our own golden spoon. Sometimes d delay comes as a result of haven’t meet d special blacksmith 4 it. Its just endurance datz all

  4. You are a mentor to young once ,I just like you nature intelligent Chika Ike.God has give direct vision