Valentine’s Day is a big deal to a girl, so you’d better make sure that it’s a day to remember. If you haven’t got anything planned yet and you’re still struggling to come up with an idea, here’s some last minute ideas for 10 romantic things you can do for your girlfriend this Valentine’s day.

1. Book a room

Even if you’re not planning to go out of town, getting out the house will still make it an extra special day. Book a room in a hotel and reserve a table for dinner.

Phone ahead and get some flowers and a box of chocolates, put in the room, and you have a relatively inexpensive and easy Valentines surprise, that will still be romantic.

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2. Stay in and cook her dinner

Surprise her with your culinary expertise and rustle up something great for her in the kitchen.

Lay the table with some roses and candles, because that’s just as important as the food to set the right the mood.

She will love it that you went to all the trouble to cook her favourite meal and made that special evening to be so romantic.

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