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  1. hem hem hem, this is tricky, so they played the match at the same time, i no understand oo

  2. Lovely… But bcos they are twins doesnt mean they can deliver the same time, even though they took-in the same time…

  3. This is so splendid!!!.Their respective husbands are very lucky to witness such a rare event!!!

  4. How manage..! Do they call each other at nights and say.. Fuck my sister.. We are fucking..?

  5. Wow Omo de love wey dey between this people dey tight. That’s it. I wish them safe delivery o

  6. Their husbands must be friends who drink together at the same bar for them to have scored the free kicks at the same time….

  7. am sorry to say dis but i dnt believe this story bc there is no way twin sisters can give birth on d same day even if they marry d same husband