I am Going To Reveal The Truth About My Sight _ Stevie Wonder

For many years, legendary singer Stevie Wonder has come under the attack of conspiracy theorists who believe that the singer isn’t blind, citing the fact he once caught a falling mic stand on live TV and that he loves to sit courtside at basketball games.

Wonder couldn’t resist joking about his sight with a journalist, giving more talk to theorists.

TMZ reports that Wonder was asked to star in his own reality TV series and he replied said he has no interest in doing one because it would be “too invasive”.

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“I could buy me a few planes… Maybe fly them,” The 66-year-old responded.

Wonder goes on to say that he’s flown a plane twice and even landed one, the shocked reporter asked if he’s going to come out one day and say he can actually see.

“This year, I will reveal the truth,” he said with a smile.

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