1. “Baby I’m sorry”
It’s true that most women hate to be at the receiving end when it comes to accepting faults. Once a lady is caught cheating she will be the first to tender her apology. Even when they know the apology at that moment is irrelevant. (Would she be if she wasn’t caught? No bro.)

2. “It wasn’t me, I swear.”
After an attempt to apologise, some women when caught cheating will out-rightly deny their actions, even when you have photo proof. Even if you walked in on them in the act, they could even say you were hallucinating. Some of them are related to one minister like that wey him name start with “L

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3. “It is the work of the devil”
It is always the devil, the poor dude has really suffered. Their godmother Eve don set the pace so na follow them dey follow so.

4. “I don’t know what came over me.”
Very common! They try to hide under the pretence of “I don’t know what came over me”. The question is, were they possessed or hypnotised?

5. “He is my uncle.”
Zaga that! Say hello to her long lost relative after that mehn. Note, you’re prolly her cousin (or “balogun the electrician”) to one of her suitors, too, you know. #WehDonMa

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    • You this guy with your attention seeking comments!!!..#Ride on!!..I dey observe your Foolishness from afar!!

    • Most time i look closer to sm pple,i jst wonder if they really think wit their brain cos even if ur mama is worst u cnt stil get her bk whn she is gone.mind u no woman is trash cos if they where u wouldnt hv bn ur words

  1. That is how most of them will blame the devil just like their mother Eve,blamed the devil when God already knew what was happening and asked her a simple question that requires a simple answer!!..

  2. A woman has no excuse or whatsoever to cheat….common women of virtues don’t stoop themselves so low to cheat….its only the gullible minded ones cheats….you as a woman ought to have self control and not act like men who are known to be polygamous in nature…its a taboo for a woman to cheat but for men its their way…so you as a woman shouldn’t have any excuse to cheat

    • no let satan damage ya mouth whats d meaning of its only men that people should mind what you say sometimes

    • Hmmm, my sister from d beginning of creation,God didn’t make men polygamous in nature,if dat was d case He would have brought out 2women from each side of Adam’s ribs instead of one. This means God isn’t in support of cheating especially when He sees that it breaks the other person’s heart. God Himself is a jealous God. So both male n female should learn not to cheat. The end result isn’t always pleasing. Thanks

    • Me cheat????? Lolzzzz u think is every girl that cheats???? I don’t have time to prove that to you

    • Busayo Jesugbija even those men in the bible had many women in their lives….so that makes them polygamous in nature

  3. Women has to be adress with respect despite there habit they are our mothers,if u adress women as trash ur mum is also a trash

  4. Number 5 had me cracking big time “He is my uncle.” Zaga that! Say hello to her long lost relative after that mehn. Note, you’re prolly her cousin (or “balogun the electrician”) to one of her suitors, too, you know. #WehDonMa

  5. Some times we miss it.let me ask who is permitted to cheat ?then i work in a hotel married men no longer have sex wit one person bt threesome,hw cn u explain dat?some women cheat bt take a look at it a cheat is a cheat even in d u mean whn u reach heaven u tel GOD dat u no am a man i nd to cheat cos is in my nature, dear u got it so wrong cos women also have feels more than a man they jst pretend .never d less nobdy is permitted to cheat whn it cos to marrige.cos what u sold is wat u ar going to take

  6. woman are not trash oo woman are blessesd to man life,all those men that say woman are trash they don’t have any respect for there wife or even the woman in there family…pls ask them if na fall they fall from heaven?

  7. I told my wife, if I catch u wit another man,I will divorce u, If u still catch me with another woman, I will divorce u, cos its an encroachment…… #lol

  8. I told my wife, if I catch u with another man, I will divorce u..If u still catch me with another woman, I will still divorce u,cos it’s an encroachment….. #lol