Nationwide Protest: Man Says Nigerian Democracy is For The Rich to Punish The Poor (Video)

During the #IStandWithNigeria protest at the National Stadium in Lagos, an unknown man is trending across social media with his frank talk.

When asked on the motive behind him joining the protest, he responded that, ‘There is no motive except that Nigerians want a better future.

He stated that the elites in Nigeria have redefined democracy as a government by the rich is for the rich to make laws for the poor to suffer.

Continuing with his talk, the man stated that,

‘the motive of the protest is that the masses must participate in government, for food to be available for the masses, a system of reward for the hardworking, better healthcare facilities.’

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He called out the government about living large at the expense of the people while equally stating that there must not be a difference between the governed and the government.

See the trending video below:

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