Lady Photoshops her Face into Twitter User's Body (See Original Photo)

The emergence of social media has brought forth so many strange events to our notice.

A lady simply known as Jessica took to her twitter account to reveal a lady who photoshopped her face on Jessica’s body, retaining her clothes and her lovely home background.

Jessica shared the photo of her body with a different face alongside the real photo of herself.

Lady Photoshops her Face into Twitter User's Body (See Original Photo)She did not reveal how or where she got the picture or the name of her real life ‘twin’.

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It is noteworthy to say that even after the close comparison, it is difficult to see a credible photoshop mistake.

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  1. It is called fashion,ladies of this generation do all such of thing to look beautiful, not knowing they are killing oneselves.

  2. Maranatha…this one name eccentricity in action. Wen u smoke weed for d first time. #lol

  3. Lols so funny but you need tattoo to make it coloured hahaha and baby doll hair make sure you fixed white so you will look like and Angel lolz

  4. Wow! This is really serious and funny. Hw will a human being photoshop her face to someone else’s body in a picture? Funny as it is but to sincere, like the lady dont like her body shape and so she decided to do this. Well, that’s one of the wonders of photoshopping

  5. Lol… Are u serious? Photoshopping? And it looks so real and fitting…. Ladies should try to learn how to appreciate who they really are and not compare themselves with someone else…

  6. If this thing na Photoshop, then the person wey edit am na LORD OF PHOTOSHOP, if not, omo this girl don fuck up.