Hippopotamus terrorizing local communities in Abuja killed by local hunters


An hippopotamus that was disturbing the local community of Abaji and Kwali in Abuja has been killed by local hunters at the river gurara.

See photos below…

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  1. Although the reason behind this killing looks real but it does not mean that was the only possible option available!,they have just increased the chance at which an already endangered animal would gradually become extinct with such an act from them.

  2. Mehn dah hipo x very big oooo. Are u sure it’s not a human being. I hear say people now turn to animals just eat. Cuz of recession……. Just saying sha

  3. who else read about hippopotamus in nursery poems, who among you have seen it? If no then head straight to that community now before they finish the meat. No need of thanking me.

  4. The barbeque of that meat go sweet die.. This is an endangered specie, but Men are hungry naa.. Make them leave food all because its an endangered specie?? It is also a very dangerous animal..

  5. H.I.P.for the HIp,for the Hip, Popo,popo, for the HIPPOPO … h.i.p.p.o.p.o.t.a.m.u.s for the Hippopotamus..just sanging a sing.. #lol

  6. U left de tick forests where u should be hunting & ur hunting in de street. De hippopotamus ran away from de zoo, plz.

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