Jehovah Witness lady dies after refusing transfusion during childbirth (photo)


A Jehovah Witness church member named Peace Euodia has died after she had excess bleeding during childbirth and refused blood transfusion because of her faith.

According to Ossai Ovie:

RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE: Peace Euodia died of excess bleeding during child delivery, because Her church, Jehovah Witness Church does not permit her to accept blood transfusion.

Why will Jehovah Witness church not allow her to receive blood from someone because
of church tradition.

Rest in PEACE EUDIA. COMBINED SOCIAL SCIENCE CLASS OF 2011 UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA has lost a rare gem. We will mourn your death together with your family. Adieu.

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  1. That church is a disgrace. Man made doctrine is all they believe in and that will lead them to doom…..#So sad

    • Am sure because i have seen them do some of such tins, you ask as if you are jehovah witness member, do you mean to say the news was fake or people are just tryin to paint them black?

    • Iboroma Tonoejit hop u wil nt die abi becos ur pastor hv told u so nt ur portion. Mumu people

    • Hmmmmmm just hear yourself talk, and tell me how your words sounds and the meanin it has, common sense is what we need to live our lives, pastors or whatsoever are human like us, but not enough to detect our lives for us all.

    • @Ngozi bin going tru all ur comments ,all u do is insult pple at ur age n level,so disappointed.

  2. U see that’s why I don’t go close to them at all, before one day they would tell me that Jesus is coming on Sunday, those people can lie,

    • Why not explain your faith to them rather than abusing them afterall you must have your reasons

    • Beatrice I have been following ur comment and the only thing u know is how to curse, is that what they teach you in ur so called witness, I pity u or better still tell us the verse where it is written in the Bible. Abi u don’t know

    • Beatrice Ferguson I guess you are not among the 144 people that will go to paradise. Am sure you are one of those that will inherit people’s beautiful houses after the rapture. I wonder who has the low mentality now.

    • Blood is holy to Jehovah because blood represents life. Jehovah commanded us not to eat blood, Jehovah witnesses deeply respect God’s gift of life ,we will not accept a blood transfusion, we are determined to obey his law about blood because we love him. We try hard to keep healthy, We will look for alternative treatments to keep living ,we are convinced that the creator of life and blood knows what is best for us. Even if we die now we have a resurrection hope when Jesus will call and the dead will answer. Do well to consider Genesis 9:3-4 Leviticus 17:13-14, Mathew 16:25,Act 15:28-29,John 5:28-29 for more information contact us on

    • Beatrice Ferguson how mny pple can you insult here ? U don’t even sound like a child of God.

  3. See wahala oooo she bin no no say life nonger duplicate?we all came to this world to hear abt religion non of us originated it so y die in ignorance hmm r.I.p

    • How many ppl died in the world wars 1 & 2 How many ppl die everyday? All na because of BLOOD transfusion bah?

  4. Aside from transfusing blood, is there no other means of sustaining life should situations like this occur?The medical practice in the 21st century must have a Plan B for crying out loud!!!Peaceful repose of her soul I pray Thee….Amen.

    • You are JW thats why you speak like this Since thats the only way of surviving her but her church faith believe etc refuses and shes dead where is the gain there

    • What else can be used in replacing what she has lost…is it not blood ?. God is watching all of us and our different beliefs and practices. He knows better

    • Plan B….a patient that bleed alot needs to be transfused immediately…It got nothing to do with plan B.. In medical practice after explaining to the patient and relative he or she has right to refuse…

    • Appreciate all the healthy responses to this thread,however, when a haemorrhage occurs in pregnant women,what is primarily needed is the stoppage of the bleeding and the replacement of lost volumes. Sadly, some casualties are experienced not from the inability to replace the lost volumes of blood but due to the stoppage of the haemorrhage in the first place Volume replacements can be accomplished without using blood.Various non blood fluids are also effective volume expanders.These include,but not limited to: Saline(salt)solutions, Dextran,Haemacid and Lactated Ringers Solution. Hettastarch (HES)is the latest non fluid volume replacer used by medical practitioners as a substitute to blood transfusion.

    • am sure u r in d 21st century… Wat happened to ur brain…. it’s nt a sin if u create dat plan b

    • @emmanuel naigba,am a pharmacist n a Jehovah’s witness.ofcos der r many many alterntv 2 blood transfusion such as blood expander n d rest.I used 1 mysef yl giving 2 my 1st child.4 mor info on ds topic,visit our

    • Pls where in d bible God said u shd nt take blood?foolishnes wil take many 2 hell many doctrine has made many 2 perish.jw do u guys knw d names of ur founders nd do guys read stories abt their lives may God help us al nd follow al dis various founder 2 hell

    • Esther Tunde-Aregbesola It’s not compulsory for her to take blood, there r supplements or fragments of drugs dat boost blood. There are leaves that wen boiled n taken gives blood dat it’s as if u have taken blood.. it’s possible she wasn’t rushed on time dats why.. make research n u will find out that many Dr(s) has agreed to perform operations witout blood cos it’s d safest der is n in Nigeria here Drs are been hardened bcos faith n religion is involved

    • Foluke Oluwademilade Olorunagba lemme ask you, if a Dr said u shud not take drugs (cigarette, Indian hemp, bla bla ) cos of ur health issues n u dnt buh u decide to inject drugs, is it not the same? God has said do not eat meet sacrificed to idol, strangled n from blood.. do u cook blood to eat? So why transfuse it? Why do u pour out d blood of a bleded animal? God has said, life is in is blood.. so wen u take blood, u have taking a life as it were..

    • There are alternatives to blood transfusion..but the sad truth is that hospitals here are too adamant and hence prefere the blood transfusion idea, why do officials fly out of the country for medical checkup and treatment? Ordinary functional oxygen machines are rare in hospitals. The use of certain medications has been discontinued and such drugs banned because of future health problems, same research in the use of blood for medical purposes has been carried out by professionals and their findings revealed that blood is not the answer. That is why plan Bs abound in developed countries. When the masses upgrade their demands, doctors will sit up. Soon, very soon the highest Doctor in the universe will judge blood offenders, u will see it. His standards are for our own good. If u refuse to follow them because u want to save ur life, u are on ur own.

    • Emmanuel Naingba There are a lot of blood expanders and blood alternatives, but doctors especially in Nigeria blame their ineptitude on something flimsy

  5. brethren please close your eyes lets pray: God please let all Jehovah’s Witness members and Deeper Life members also receive sense in Jesus name

  6. Jehovah witness are the most stupid people on earth… Did they witness Jehovah during His time that they call them selves witnesses? Fooling themselves anyhow….and na them go still say no hell…fool……madam u just killed urself for notin… So go and tell God it is a sin for somebody to help u……stupid religion… Rest in hell

    • Beatrice Ferguson u re vry stupid all u do is to insult people when dey tuk bad abt ur church…

    • ure d stupidest moron,do u hv to open dat smellin mouth to insult.mtcheew na people lik u dey use humans blood do money ediot.@kush bishop

    • Is not her fault, it’s just because her church don put her sense under her foot, mumu people with Mumu church, please tell us d Bible verse that say u should not take blood transfusion or there is no hell, I just pity u.

    • Kush re u sure u re ok u better watch ur words don lemme say u re an imbecile ifbu don’t to wat to say kip quite

    • Matt 12:34″ offspring of vipers how can you speak good things when you are wicked? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”

    • De Bible is dere for everyone to read so I advice u go and read it, one tin I still hold on to, Jesus said u will be hated for my name

    • I never see any other church way dem dey insult like my own oooo, so u see Jesus is right

    • Consider Leviticus 17:13-14, genesis 9:3-4 ,Act 15:28-29,Mattew 16:25 for more information contact us on

    • Na una sabi,keep on wallowing in ignorance, na una holy pass, God gave u option and solution you choose your ministers own and una say na bible teaching, they don’t even believe in Jesus, you people are something else, receive help in Jesus name

    • Anne Sommie pls what did Apostle Peter said in the bible book of Act of the Apostle 15;28,29 about blood

    • All dis quote are all rubbish… It dosent relate to transfusion of blood… So u guys should grow up… Ad stop deciveing others…

    • @ Anne sommie, do you know what deceiving is,its when u know the truth and you choose to do otherwise. If you have studied the bible you will know what thé bible said as regards blood. Theres no need abusing or calling names , speaking long grammar. And mind you the God that gave such laws knows how to save too. So if we make our décision to serve God in the way He chooses He doesnt forget that act of loyalty. Do not all drink panadol in another person headache bcos de diseased made her choice. If you want to serve Jehovah u serve him “according” to His standards not yours.

    • Ngozi Nwosuagwun I can see u r a tribalist, can’t u pass a message without bringing tribe? Receive sense na, if u r not ok with d poster comment u pass ur message in a polite way, it shows how ignorant u r.#rubbish

    • Anne I didn’t quote because of the blood transfusion….but I did because of the unseason words said by Kush…so get it right Ma….follow the link give to you if you really want to know why we abstain from blood transfusion….like Paul I and my brother and sister of faith obey God rather than me.

  7. No wonder..buhari went to UK for treatment, Nigeria doctors smokes weed b4 attending to patient..

  8. Religious stupidity.. Both she and the blood she would have received were created by the same God then why rejecting the blood

  9. Lolz kikikikikiki me being her husband i go tell doctors make them grab am grab am use belt tie her then start the transfusion this is what i call illegal die.

    • Chai….. You even open ur mouth talk say you be Catholic? Jesusss ooooooooh Catholic of all Catholic? Francesca oooooooo.!!! Am weeping for you oooooh….. Catholic? Jesus oooooooooooooh. Pls Francesca Andrew, my condolences cuz that lady that just died cuz she was obeying God is far more better than you that is living.

    • Success D’actualizer am not here to rattle words with you its clear you are living a frustrated life and instead of you to take your frustration to your wayward mother for not training you well you are arguing the fact am A PROUD CATHOLIC😘😘 you mo’fucker just try and mind your business even if the lil time you have to live is frustrating enough JUST MIND YOUR DAMN BUSINESS AND ALLOW BLESSED PEOPLE LIKE ME MAKE COMMENTS SINCE ITS A FREEDOM OF SPEECH any damn thing you reply is directed to your foolish mother God bless you

    • Francesca Andrew, you expects me to insult your mother in return right? Hahahahhaa…. Nah, I dont do that. I can never insult your mother cuz she doesnt deserve it. You insulted my mother right? Its okay. Mark this day, you will regret ever making such utterances against a woman who didnt insult you. I bet your family will weep over you for this your unruly behavior. Mark my words girl.

    • Success D’actualizer you are nothing you riff raf my family will be proud of me like they have always been

    • Success D’actualizer funny enough the reverse is the case you will regret dearly nothing of joy shall come near your family By the way ask your miserable self what was it i did A woman died because of her believe I understand shes a JW and i said thank God am Catholic and you feel you can counter that Lol this is why i blame your miserable mother she would have aborted you then nuisance since freedom of speech is offensive to you You will be in bondage And you feel with your comment i will allow any JW preach to me BASTARD BORN BY MISTAKE

    • Success D’actualizer you will go blind idiot the anointing i carry will blind you Virgin Mary will be with me and guess what joy and happiness will never end in my life My dear angel guardians will fight people like you from me and put you to shame You born by mistake Touch not my anointed and do His child no harm Lol with Jesus by me am not scared of your empty treats Fool After all i said thank God am Catholic and you started running your gutter mouth typing rubbish

    • Success D’actualizer first to do nor dey pain i hope you enjoy the comments you get If only you keep your opinion to yourself

  10. 28 For the holy spirit and we ourselves have favored adding no further burden to you except these necessary things

  11. This is stupidity in the highest order. How can you be so selfish forgetting your baby needs you all because of your so called religion. I hope you face God

    • It is stupid because you are looking at it from just one angle, why not try and look at it from her angle.

    • I don’t reply to your types because we don’t reason the same way so its baseless trying to argue with you

    • She’s totally right and yhu fools com and reply her comments with rubbish the baby needs her what’s wrong with blood transfusion it’s all about saving life

    • Darksied Josh wer is ur Bible? Wer is ur faith in ur Creator? I guess under ur moist bed waiting for sunday as usual.

    • Egwuatu Mary Onyinye Priscilia we cnt ague with u too cos u have no Bible base prove. So my advice to u is dat wenever u see post lik dis about Jehovah witness, jst ignore n wenever dey knock on ur doors welcome them and ask them y dey neva tak blood transfusion, and ask dem to show prove from ur OWN not allow dem use deir own bible..insists on using ur OWN bible

    • Eunis Ofuese what portion of ur own blood said yhu shuld avoid blood transfusion tell me it’s now mtcheeeeeew

    • Eunis Ofuese you are fool for asking were is my faith why did she not excersise faith and give birth at home why go to hospital don’t turn Bible upside down and tell me trash people perish for lack of knowledge… Now yhu will quote act 15vs29 for me …mind you it’s said blood of strangled animal..

  12. 29 to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols, from blood, from what is strangled, and from sexual immorality. If you carefully keep yourselves from these things, you will prosper. Good health to you!”

    • We never say menstruation is a sin ooo pls …blood transfusion is a sin so we said biko…no go talk say witness talk say menstruation bad ooooo

    • U witnesses have been brainwashed I pray for God to show u d real way which HE himself is and not d stupid way of ur brainwashers.

    • @ Anne Sommie ….all of us need forgiveness, but any1 involve in blood transfusion has sinned against God …God sees the heart …so say what u want to say …u own ur mouth kk

    • Jimi Vovwe don’t worry u should b tankful because they r fulfilling d prophesy for Jesus said on account of his name dey will hate u.people hate jw today because of telling d truth.dey r entitle to their own opinion

    • Okafor Chinyere Ezegamba jw hv bin brainwashed see dis scenario doc says don’t swallow aparticullar drugs n u fill dat injecting it is d best won’t it cause d same harm as u swallowing it. In early times Der was notin lk transfusion n d command was given nt to eat Nw modern technology me transfusion possible n u say it is good because d Bible did nt mention transfusion.who is brainwash Nw.u eat blood it’s going into ur body u transfuse blood it’s going into ur body. Is smoking a sin? If yes did d Bible directly say dat it’s a sin. Because d Bible did nt say transfusion is a sin u feel its good. I ask you once again who is Nw brainwash answer me. It’s not abt d jw bt ur understanding. I no u will think I am a jw u hv ur mind so d thought is urs.

    • Brainwashed my foot.The god of this system of things has blinded ur minds so that the glorious good news about God might not penetrate into ur brain n mind.

  13. Weda blood or no blood, one who will survive, will survive. My mother was given 5pints of blood but she never survived she is a non witnesses and there is thousands of maternal death every year. Plz don’t tag her death on religion. Blood transfusion is a personal decisions. Plz say no to religious sentiment.

    • God forgive ur quick judgment, if you really read from the beginning of my comments, you won’t be this quick

    • Before you act, listen. Before you react, think. Before you spend, earn. Before you criticise,wait Before you pray,forgive Before you quit, try.

    • Maybe blood wasn’t really needed for you mom survival but this one is stated that she needed blood which she wasn’t given. You can’t deny that blood transfusions have saved so many lives.

    • Jehovah understand the cause of her death more than the doctors..I respect the young lady for her decision and our God will surely reward,remember, bless and give her family the strength to bear the loss..

    • My dear I lost a cousin bcos of this belief on no blood transfusion and no drug taking…… At times we carry this church thing on our head like say we be Jesus.

    • What Are The Essence Of Blood Donation And Transfussion? I Think Is To Save Life. We All Believe That The Predestined Moment Of One’s Death Is Fixed By God And It Is Unchangeable. Others Tried It And Survived And Others Failed. They Said Blood Is Life And Their Doctrine Made Them Gullible Not To Save It.

    • My dear Lilian, so sorry but that ur mom didn’t survive it doesn’t mean someone else can’t, doctors Administer the medication, God heals, they should have tried, we must try to be God, let the truth be told,that teaching is very bad, like saying don’t run when a house is on fire God will come and carry you there, God is a miracle working God that is why he will give solution but because we claim all knowing expecting that God will come down and save u forgetting that he will use someone to help us.

    • Okeh do you have a bible at all, I don’t remember insulting anyone, I just aired my opinion and with a proof, why not do same? Aside from insults?

    • I just think most of us never read Acts 15:22,28,29 and also chapter 21: 25. Possibly that’s what she held on to and believes that if she act according to bibles advice she will be blessed even if she dies now

    • @Awah muaz,der r many alternatives 2 blood tranfusions dat av saved lives n used 4 major surgeries.

    • Nobody should ever try to be God! Wat did u hav dat u didn’t received from him…so y ll u want ti b lik him? But do u knw wat u should try to do?Onyinyechi Ekeh try to obey ur God..wat ever he commands u to do is 4ur own Good. Do u ever tot 4a moment dat suppose I tak blood(disobey Gods command) n I survived, den while walking down d road to work oneday n a car hit me n I die, will I b in Gods book of life after I hav disobeyed one of his commandments? My dear think!!! Dis world is heading to an end but d bible says “He who does d will of God remains forever”.Ask ursef” wat is d will of God “

    • Obioma Frances Awal Muaz , Okeh Leo, Onyinyechi Ekeh lemme ask you, if a Dr said u shud not take drugs (cigarette, Indian hemp, bla bla ) cos of ur health issues n u dnt buh u decide to inject drugs, is it not the same? God has said do not eat meet sacrificed to idol, strangled n from blood.. do u cook blood to eat? So why transfuse it? Why do u pour out d blood of a bleded animal? God has said, life is in is blood.. so wen u take blood, u have taking a life as it were..

    • Onyinyechi Ekeh I love wat u said, dats to prove to u dat d blood transfusion is not even a guarantee, den u die in d process of disobeying God’s law.. the life isn’t urs even.. one should cling to God n he will resurrected

    • Onyinyechi Ekeh I jst gav u some bible verses to read n am sure u didn’t open ur bible. Did u???? But I ll giv u again Gen 9:4, Lev 17:11 -14…. pls read n tell me wat u understand

    • Please@ Onyinyechi I will like you to consider this bible verses. Jeremiah10;10,Revelation 4;11,psalm36;9,Acts14;15_17,17;28,Isaiah48;17,18. This is how God values life

    • U people r only church goers n don’t no how powerful ur faith is…although we should not test our God n never believe we r holier dan others…just believe,trust,obey n have faith in God

    • Onugha Chioma na d same pple, na d same pple . Dats d only tin u say in all ur comments here, is dat d only sentence u cn say???… my dear say something n back it up wit scriptures. U r a christian rite??

    • The issue of eating blood read(Acts15:28,29;21:25, Genesis9:3,4 and Hebrews11:6. Food for thought

    • Abeg mak una no dey waste una Tim dey argue with people wey no no even were dem Bible dey except on Sunday if dem won go church.its a command in d Bible and everyone is entitled 2his or her decision..So stop calling Jehovah witness did dis or dat

    • “my people perish for lack of knowledge” all these Bible verses you guys are quoting pls did they tell you in there not to take blood transfusion een u are sick? Ha I pity some people o. Besides, if u do not keep the words of God and think by refusing to take blood wen sick you wil make Heaven, you are only deceiving yourselves o. This lady just wasted herself except she knew Jesus wen she ws alive I mean knew Him the way He commanded, not talking about doctrines.

    • Mabel its personal oh if you like COLLECT if you dont like REJECT. wetin be your own. writing this kind epistle self. why you take am personal?

    • if you think you can save your life with BLOOD you are an ILLETERATE kpam. ratio of people who survive after transfusion to those who dies after Transfusion is 1:9. No blood in the bank can be up to 60% match with yours considering the makeup. Sometimes the one you take is not even up to 45% your match. once the doctor checks BLOOD GROUP HIV GENOTYPE thats all. You are a FOOL to collect another Man’s Blood. mek i quote small for God side. Why did God tell em people mek them de pour blood from animal inside ground, IS IT FOR FUN? YOU MEAN SAY GOD NO KNOW SAY BLOOD SUYA DE SWEET? your head na COCONUT if you dont understand it. SAY NO TO BLOOD TRANSFUSION gi na asurum Rubbish

    • This doctrine of urs would be concreted if she didn’t die, or u don’t believe in miracles too. She shouldn’t have died if it was a divine doctrine.

    • Jermain Phinehas Johnson you are stupid for saying dat, the last time I checked I didnt mention names did I? Everyone is free to comment cos di is facebook. U dis idiot.

    • What matters now is’kedu ebe mkpuru obi ya gara,n’elu igwe ka o bu n’oku ala mmuo?Chegharia nu unu ndi jiri eriri doctrine kegide onwe unu ma unu enweghi Christ n’ime obi unu’

    • You have make a point my dear, does blood transfusion really safe life or they are just making up story

    • Pls where in the bible is blood transfusion wrong? Is it one of the commandments of God? Why are we making God’s words complicated? How do u want God to help u without putting an effort as human and allow God do the rest. This Doctrines are made by man and not God. What matters is our faith in God and obeying his commandments and not obeying doctrines.

    • Am just laughing at the kind of comparison the Jehovah witness are given, who is wasting which blood,don’t forget that blood is to used to save life, so it’s actually given not taken,so all of you witnesses have never committed grievous sins,that saving a life with blood is now the worst sin on this earth,remember it’s not a for a life, after all this display of hypocrisy and u still don’t make heaven it will be bad,go and read the ten commandment of God,you people are committing murder every day all in the name of church doctrine,the life you can’t give you have no right to take it away by instigating your members with your wrong teaching, remember the word of God i will bless you in the work of your hand,the bible never condemn doing your best and leaving the rest to God,why do you work you should have stayed at home and keep having faith with prayer and manner will come from heaven. I no fit shout i rest this matter na una know with una doctrine,i over sabi people, oya keep using my name to sing, you can’t chew me

    • Is she the only person who has die after child birth? So many people have problems after childbirth so stop saying jw church. What are about the other girl who die few minutes after childbirth is she a witness?

    • Well said sis. My sweet Sister also received 3pints nd still died. It’s not because she didn’t tk the blood but death had already make its nasty decision

    • Nice comment…..for those asking for the scripture please Read Acts 15 : 28, 29.. then u can comment if it’s a doctrine or a biblical command…now if its a biblical command, then just like other biblical commands like “do nt commit fornication”, its now ur personal decision whether to obey God’s command or not…but remember there is reward for obeying God’s command weather we die in obey his command or not… The question is will u disobey God’s command to save ur life? Or will u obey God’s command even at the point of death? Dats a personal decision n I guess she have made hers n so please don’t judge her decision it’s her life…if u still av more questions kindly visit for more information

    • MABEL Go and hug Transformer you no like them and you are interestingly lambasting against. just openly mention your CHURCH now and they ll give you 20 if not more evidences to show you dont know anything. her faith till death. GOD CAN NEVER FORGET. Even Jesus am sure you would have tagged an idiot if you where their while he recieved canes and inhumane treatment when he can easily stop them . still he let them kill him. whenever una Faith near LIFE and DEATH una go begin dey rack sense give. if i slap you eh CHRISTIAN MABEL MY FOOT Sit down mek Jehova witness teach una BIBLE una go de behave like fowl wey carry attachment for leg. WETIN you fit wear clothe now go knock for a jehovah boy em house say you wan teach am? NOTHING NOTHING!!!! But em go teach you things wey you no know say e dey your BIBLE sef. #mabel if you no like person or a people Go meet am tell am say na this be the reason wey i no like you. mek the person for defend em self. no de air your grievances for online chat media, it makes you insensible. parading your animosity in a VACUUM .

    • Okorhi Justice Kelvin pls learn to interpreat scriptures that’s not what that place is talking about, that place is talking about animal blood sacrifice to idol

    • I Don’t know how u see the scriptural defence by the JW. The whole point talks about blood of animals which we eat and have charge over. And the same point u noted gave reason saying “bcos blood is life”and even gave penalties for killing a fellow human. Now to the blood transfusion, scientist have proven it right that its necessary when the need comes. And it doesnt say u need to kill ur fellow to get blood before u donate. And this same blood scripturally says according to dsame deutronomy 12:23 that there is life in the blood and u must not eat the life. Simply put, dont kill the life. So why will u say its wrong giving life(blood) to a fellow human as long as the life(blood) is not killed. Pls lets go deep and think this over. May God help us all

    • @ Obioma Frances.who told u Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t take drugs. Go and do ur research well.60-70% Doctors,both Nigerians n non Nigerians have identified themselves with Jehovah’s witnesses with regards to abstaining from blood.Record has it that 80-90% Jehovah’s Witnesses who abstains from blood transfusion recovers speedily when operated on while the ones that accepts blood transfusion has 20% or less survival. Make ur research n we Jehovah’s witnesses will back it up with ur own Bible.

    • Awal Muaz,blood is life,yes n Blood is Sacred.Go n read Acts5:19 with ur own Bible n make ur research. Whoever that takes blood, be it intravenously or otherwise will account for his/her misdeed cos such ones is in effect disobeying n disregarding Jehovah’s laws n principles

    • Okey Leo,Jehovah’s witnesses don’t n will never spread erroneous teaching as u said, all our teachings is biblical.We don’t argue with people, we’ll tell u what the Bible teaches while you’re to decide whether to follow the teachings found in the Bible n gain everlasting life or choose not to and answer for sin. Remember the wages sin pays is death. My dear lovely sister will come back to life in Jehovah’s due time when he’ll (Jehovah) call n all those in his memorial tombs will answer n come back to life

    • I am a typical example of refusal of blood transfusion. I had a major surgery on 2 of my legs when I was just 3yrs,the then surgeons said that I won’t survive the survive the surgery without being transfused but see me today,hale n hearty n full of life. Jehovah rewards whoever that keeps to his laws cos it’ll mean our life if we obey him.

    • You are the one mixing religion and reality. If everyone who had accident had already decided life or death, there will be no need for first aid treatment nor going for first aid course

    • Good one darling The doctors wea careless Secondly, millions of mortality recorded are they all related to blood issues???

    • No sentiment… She died because she needed blood but refuse one. Period. Your sister case was different. Why can’t common sense be common. Am very angry.

    • People will just turn Bible upside down…. But then why reason with someone who have been program to think upside down. Just that am angry at the lost of live. The worst part since they don’t believe in heaven and earth…. The babe just disappear into thin air. There own Bible said there is no reward for good or bad. That why I have stopped reasoning with them…. And they love argument! So the babe brought a child to the world. Now she has disappeared into thin air. What a waste…

    • Let me tell u some thing naceey Jehovah witness is nt a church one is better be an unbeliever dan to go there,tell me who will na take care of her babe pple will na accuse the child of be responsible in fact am short of word,thank u.

    • Bar Becky those that have bn dying through child bearing y giving birth with blood transfusion and still die don’t dem have a church? And who do accused their babies bn responsible for their mother’s death

    • Petty…. The fact is that this lady disappear because she refused blood transfusion. Period. I don’t believe in catching witch where there is none. There is a medical explanation to this death. Face it. Agree careless can be said to be the cause of death in child bearing. But this case says refusal to take blood. But as usual you people can argue. Normal l don’t waste my energy on things like this. Since you people have chosed to believe she will just disappear into thin air. My angry remain with the fact there is a child to take care off.

    • don’t let that give you hypertension @stella Nwofor. Think instead of where death might catch up with you and perhaps what you will be doing at that time. Most people die as a result of STDs, n crimes they get involved. That young lady did exactly what the three Hebrew men did when faced with death sentence. They told Nebuchadnessah – Our God will deliver us n even if he doesn’t, we will not bow down n worship ur golden image’. They had faith in God’s serving power but did not wish their will take place but God’s. They realized Jehovah had the right n decision to either protect them or allow them die but they did not fear death over their referential fear of Jehovah’s sovereignty. Remember one of the laws God gave them – ‘u must not bow down to any other gods’? if yes, u also remember that which says -‘ it’s flesh and soul u may eat, but for its blood u must not eat, n do not eat things strangled? if still yes, could you do as Shadrach, Meshach n Abenego who obeyed God’s laws on worship even when they were faced with death sentence. Our sister above was faced with death sentence but she did not want to safe her life at the expense of obeying Jehovah’s law on the sanity of blood. Even if Jehovah did not miraculously deliver her as he did to Shadrach, Mechach and Abenego, We r sure that he has a wonderful plan for her in future – a life everlasting In Paradise. If God feeds birds who do not plant or harvest, how much more will He not feed the child of His loyal servant. That child is worth than many sparrows In the eyes of Jehovah his creator

    • Princess u remember dat stephen in d bible was stoned to death because of his faith in his God. I know if u wer to b stephen u ll deny God so u cn save ur life . That is y u so called Christian go to native doctors so u cn save ur life. Wer is ur faith in ur god? At least she died for her faith.

    • THEY ARE ONLY CHRISTIANS WHEN ITS NOT CONNECTED WITH THEIR LIVES. Abraham could have sacrificed Isaac for God Jephthah sacrificed her daughter for God Stephen did the same Jesus Christ did the Same you are here commenting nonsense. GOD WILL NEVER FORGET THOSE THAT KEPT THEIR INTEGRITY TILL THE POINT OF DEATH. Assuming she compromised and still died. mtcheew YOU GUYS SHOULD TAKE TIME O TO AVOID SPIRITUAL #SLAP

  14. “Whoever wants to save his life in this wicked world(at the expense of disregarding God’s sacred view on blood) will lose it in the last day, but whoever loses his/her life for My sake will regain it many times over “. Jesus own words. You didn’t die in vain sister, I salute your courage because It’s never easy to make such decision. Jehovah will sure remember all who show such selfless love for His name.

    • Sorry.. it’s a civilised world and everything provided for man is to advance and like God, not him literally but we’ve powers to fly. We advanced, used the things ment for usage at our disposal.. to survive in jungle you gotta be a predator or get preyed on.. Religious extremists who don’t even understand the scriptures..

    • I beg blood transfusion isn’t blood guilt what verse in the bible states that we shouldn’t transfuse blood to our sick brothers and sisters when they need it.

    • Blood or no blood d koko of d matter is re u saved?re u rigtheous?did u follow Gods commandment dilligently?if no then its a pity hell straight if u like no collect blood as long as u dnt hav salvatn so pls lets nt decieve ourselves many wil shout nd say am 4 God am worshiping him nd end up in hell cuz christ knw u nt cuz majority re pretenders nd mind u we must apply wisdow in al we do,cuz a fool cn nt enter heaven.a word partainin dat sis who died dnt b too sure dat she is in heaven cuz she might nt b a true christians may God help us al nd guide us al cuz many religion has sent many to hell.neva mention any church name.

    • Jehovah witnesses are stupid religious extremists…….who will go to hell including you(believe it or not hell is real)

    • Nawa for this people I have read that bible chapter I dnt even know we’re in the word they get believe from

    • Acts 15vs 20 and 29 ,U’r referring to is it talking about blood transfusion? Stupid doctrines of churches will send many to early grave n still go to hell

    • LOL. ignorance at its best. ABSTAIN from blood. The LIFE is in the blood itself. Whether I choose to take it orally or intravenously, it still enters my body. Then I’m not ABSTAINING. It’s that simple. Besides its no guarantee that the patient would survive. So, WHY LOSE OUT BOTH WAYS? Have u not read: that the wisdom of this world is absolute foolishness with God??? An intelligent person won’t have a problem understanding this simple fact. As for all of you arguing, it isn’t my fault that your brains need severe upgrading, IS IT????

    • Do u really understand de Bible verse that u jxt quote ?. Abt saving ur life ….., I guess u don’t ….let’s pray de Holy Spirit teaches n guide into de truth..Shalom

    • show her what at where… one of you told me that it’s all abt earth’s inheritance…. what a pity.. instead of depending on holy spirit for inspiration you give yourselves up to vain genologies

    • Blessing GJohnson,life is independent of blood.Christ has come.Christ is life.Christ is the way,the truth and life.Abstaining from blood is a doctrine.

    • Life is independent of blood???? Listen to yourself. Read up Leviticus 17:11 and Genesis 9:4.

    • What of dos dat took blood nd die.abeg my lovely sister jehovah will remember u for standing firm. Amara Umeononihu Okoye abstain 4rm blood is no doctrine of Jehovah’s witness but it is what d bible says,it’s wat jehovah requires 4rm us

    • No matter how hard u try to see reasons with them here, they will never stop talking or calling names … The reasonable once will read their bible,think deeply and meditate on what the have read…. .. sisters remember the new songs.. ALL SORT OF PEOPLE CAN BECOME JEHOVAHS FRIEND …. may JAH touch your hearts

  15. Wow, I thought that only exist in Grey’s Anotomy. You mean this thing is real. Why do people turn Bible upside down. God created everything and saw that it was good, including blood.

    • What rubbish did I comment ma’am Ngozi Nwosuagwun? Pls can you enlightened me which portion of the Bible I should read?

    • I don’t usually comment on post lik dis, cos must of u call ur sef Christians but do watever u lik..I wonder is u pple think God is asleep. N you go ahead saying all sort of nonsense just because u can talk.

    • No body come here to say”a patient dies due to blood transfusion ” but u r quick to say “a patient dies due to not taking blood transfusion”

    • @Alicia Maxuel please what was the commandment apostle peter gave to the gentile? Pls kindly read the bible book of Act of the apostles 15:28,29, then when u finish see who is turnning the bible upside-down

    • Fools attacking her you’re numb headed, get a life.. you being a Christian or whatever faith doesn’t mean you should die a fool.. study your Bible and learn that it’s kinda like a double edged sword, it says this and means otherwise.. you can’t understand God admit it and try doing the rights.. we’re humans and the fight to survive is our right. Don’t go to hospitals when you sick then, don’t take medications..

    • You wanna know why she chose to die obeying God? The Bible’s answer The Bible commands that we not ingest blood. So we should not accept whole blood or its primary components in any form, whether offered as food or as a transfusion. Note the following scriptures: Genesis 9:4. God allowed Noah and his family to add animal flesh to their diet after the Flood but commanded them not to eat the blood. God told Noah: “”Only flesh with its soul—its blood—you must not eat.”” This command applies to all mankind from that time on because all are descendants of Noah. Leviticus 17:14. “”You must not eat the blood of any sort of flesh, because the soul of every sort of flesh is its blood. Anyone eating it will be cut off.”” God viewed the soul, or life, as being in the blood and belonging to him. Although this law was given only to the nation of Israel, it shows how seriously God viewed the law against eating blood. Acts 15:20. “”Abstain . . . from blood.”” God gave Christians the same command that he had given to Noah. History shows that early Christians refused to consume whole blood or even to use it for medical reasons. Why does God command us to abstain from blood? There are sound medical reasons to avoid blood transfusions. More important, though, God commands that we abstain from blood because what it represents is sacred to him.—Leviticus 17:11; Colossians 1:20. This is what she read in the Bible and she was ready to die for God than to live. I bet you can’t do this. So instead of insulting her for dying in obedience to God, why not just leave her to God JEHOVAH and allow the bible to be the judge? She and her family are not hopeless like most are. They believe in what is in john 5:28-29 and Acts 24:15-16. If I were you, after seeing this post, I will take my Bible and check what those cited scriptures talked about. But hey, I know that you won’t even bother to check. Instead you will just fire back at me and probably insult me for telling you the truth. Anyways, am waiting for your insulting reply.

    • The truth of the matter is I love God so much, I read my Bible very well. I know that there are people who read Bible and interpret it upside down must of them belongs to certain religions. I don’t argue with such people. Blood transfusions have saved millions if not billions of people. Imagine if they were to be certain religious fanatics then the world will be empty.

    • Alicia don’t mind them, i hav so many of them as nebors they don’t know God so condition some years ago was some how and the point of death so wat they could do is to transfuse blood on me.i so thank God i’m alive.

    • Ngozi Nwosuagwun good commenter ride on… Everything is rubbish to u…. Nawaoo… Dey don’t believe in ur religion so allow dem to tuk… U kW ur church better…

    • D fact still remain DAT we are human we need to fight to save our lives some pple talking now av done blood transfusion for about six times ooooo…. Only God understand d real way to save him and not dying as a fool

    • @ Bo rose u are d fool here. If d fight for life is our right does it mean we shld ignore wot d bible says????.

    • Av seen cases where some patients dies even after blood transfusion. Some go deaf and some results in diff ailments. Does D fact that we want to live make us disobey Jesus’ instructions???

    • As God saw that all is good he still gave laws n guidelines on how we should live as christains,dere are substitutes for blood

    • @Alicia Maxuel, I respect the fact that u have publicly proclaimed that you love God and that you read your bible very well. But loving God is much more than merely announcing your love for God publicly. It involves actions. Actions they say speaks louder than words. The late sister displayed that love for God by choosing to die in obedience to God rather than taking blood and disobeying God. That is faith in action. That is love in action. Now, the question am posing to you is…. Can you die for God? Now, I just cited some scriptures where God clearly warn his servants to abstain from blood. It was a directed warning…. No bend bend at all….. Its straight and direct. Have you even try to open the bible to check it yourself? Have you? Alicia maxuel, pls accept this bible truth and come to the accurate knowledge of God. This platform may be the means in which u can be saved from this world condemnation. Jehovah wants you to be his worshiper and its only in his organization, Thats in Jehovah’s organization that you can get the truth. This life is not all there is Alicia. I dont know u personally, but am drawn to the fact that you may be rightly disposed for the truth. So am imploring you to come learn about God and his ways so that you can be saved.

    • Alicia Maxuel god saw dat evrytin he created was good I agree with you. Pls stop drinking water n drink blood for it is good for u

    • Stacy John what are you some toddler? Get off social media and find yourself some school. You make no sense so learn to keep quiet when adult are talking.

    • That’s why Jesus came to die for us so that many things in old testament can be nullified. let me ask you Cassandra Osas do you still offer sacrifice to God like in old testament whenever you commit sin? You should read your Bible well too

  16. U guys that are foolishly talking about her faith its her choice,,,, now the ones that are died is it because of they faith??? Y not this k before u talk

  17. 23 Just be firmly resolved not to eat the blood, because the blood is the life, and you must not eat the life with the flesh. ….We are love life …but can’t go against God’s law …whatever name u call her …let God do the judging …she died pleasing our God Jehovah & not humans …thanks y’all …awaiting the resurrection hope …May God give her family the strength to bear the loss. ..

    • Brethren, de most important thing is did she really KNOW Christ bf her demise….was der any unconfessed sins in her life….?..these re wat is important…. She refusing to take blood is not her ticket to heaven…let’s understand de Bible by de help of the Holy Spirit. Shalom

    • Brethren, is not all about confessing sins… Is all about confessing Jesus first(Rom10:9), then whenever u go astray u can confess ur sins to God not Men. Note- u can’t confess sins without confessing Jesus (ie giving ur life to Christ first). Holy Spirit help ur pple.

    • If she was’nt born again before her demise, refusing blood is not her ticket to heaven. Remember the bible says “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God’ . Again let me clerify u on this Ms writer. When the bible talked about eating of blood is simply refers to people who licks/drinks the blood of other people in a way to enter into a blood convenant with them. Let’s not be ignorant of little things as this. Its a simply English. Blood transfusion is different from sucking of blood. Even the blood that was referred to, during the time of Noah was the blood of animals. Now the difference is this: one is infused into the body of a person/patient to save his/her life and other is taken for merriment. This other one (for merriment is the one God is talking about. Don’t also forget that this same bible says that Knowledge is profitable to direct. What she died of, was nothing but a mere doctrine of her congregation and not God’s

    • See how confused you people are because of lack of knowledge from the bible. Confusing each other .,, we speak and stand firm in the truth … We speak one language and understand one thing. . Proudly a JW

  18. Aside from the blood transfusion…..may it her time… If we all knw wen are time wil come nd the hour… sure we all will run for our lifes

  19. Resurrection hope … our joy and strength we will see her again…very soon. …such thing have happened to me bf …I was asked to take blood after childbirth but I refused …doctor’s nurse’s all were on me telling me secretly to take that it will save me now now. I said no that Jehovah will not be happy they said no one will see me not even my parents or siblings I still maintained my no …no is no ..pls…..there’s was a woman beside me that day hu actually gave birth the same tym with me she ran short of blood she’s not a Jehovah’s witness so they ask her to take blood that it will save her that she should not mind me ….as the nurse’s went to bring the blood whatever, this woman was telling me pls take blood with me for the sake of ur baby I still said no ma thanks…I go on by telling her it is true that I love my baby but I love Jehovah pass ….that even if I died Jehovah will take care of my baby and will equally remember me ….the woman smiled ..she siad u Jehovah’s witness with una faith ehhh na waaa for una …I was seriously crying calling upon Jehovah’s name Jehovah save me pls ,,,,Jehovah save me pls. …although is not bcs say I dey perfect..but Jehovah saved me….that woman finally took the blood after she finished . …..ask me what happened?????

    • God had mercy on you, not because of your religion or misunderstanding of the Bible, but because of his love and mercy. All of our self righteousness are like filty rags before Him. God saved you that day, not because of what you did or didn’t do, but because of who He is!

    • She died … Bcs of the blood whatever ….after taking the blood she started swelling up up and up bf u know it she died …I will tell u the good result that came out from this …ask me I will

    • Another one I know ….after taking the blood …six month’s later they got to found out that she has H..I..V ….from where ??? They got to found out that is from that blood she took….

    • God saved u bcos he wanted u to live not bcos u are a JW…nd the woman who died beside it was bcos God permitted that,many people took blood and still lived was bcos God wanted it to happen that way

    • First obey Jehovah Beyoncé Eunice ….I’m not talking about being a jw or not …what I’m talking about here is …faith and obedience…. We must obey Jehovah rather than men.

    • Chidie-Ebere Okafor now we didn’t here any news about dat woman dat took blood n die ooo…but dis woman who did not tak blood but she die, u pple r taking rubbish now. Ooooo now u knw dat God serves n own our life ehh!…so y don’t u Conclude dat God knows best in dis woman who did not tak blood? But u go on talking bad about her religion. Do watever God commands u its 4 ur own benefit

    • The good result was that the mother and that woman siblings turn to be our Bible students….. And they are now Jehovah’s witness …..

    • @ promise esoms, Jehovah really blessed your faith in action. Nice expérience my dearest sis

    • My sister promise u have strengthened my faith.thanks for that wonderful life experience.

    • My darling sister, this is absolutely sweet experience may Jehovah remember those who die pleasing him.

    • I was nt wel my family took me to kowa clinic. Dey run d test, dey brought d test n d doctor now say who have des test I did nt answer he now say who is lucky Titus I answer him he told me u need blood right away cos your blood is finish 13 % I said I don’t Ned blood transfusion, he told me did u kn u are a walking corps if u fall down now dat is d end I told him Jehovah will nt allow me to die bcos of blood a lot happen dat very day all I kn is dat I refused i say Jehovah is my strength he really did strengthen me. since 2013 here I am glorifying my wonderful father Jehovah. She will hear when Jehovah calls n she will answer. Job 14:13-15

  20. God,s command was to abstain from blood, I salute the courage u have my sister hope to see u again when death will be no more

  21. My people perish because of lack of wisdom.stop turning Christianity into a religious set of rules you must adhere to. ..Christianity is simply a personal relationship with Jesus.This life just doesn’t happen.this life is a result of our choices…smh

    • Read the bible book of Act of the Apostles 15;28,29. When u finish then see who is the true follower of Jesus Christ

    • i have seen that u pple are true followers of Christ but yet u reject other Christians bcos of their belief my dear the greatest commandment is LOVE which can take u to heaven..if u like observe the four corners of the bible without love u are nothing…i just pray that dis faith leads u pple to heaven @ Riches Ekong

    • Beyoncé Eunice thnk u u observed dat. But note dat we do not hate pple dat y we tak our time n go from door to door telling u d truth frn d bible. Do u call dat hate?

    • Dis jehovah witness people ar d worst people u should hav an encounter with…they came to my house one day n started preaching,trying to prove to me dat hellfire doesnot exists..,OMO see argurment.wen I asked them dont they hav book of revelation in their own bible,they said eeeh….u know dat d bible has been translated a million times……

    • They came to my house and told me not to go to hospital when sick…….I was so shocked I told them when you go back to your house don’t lock your house at night.Why should you put God to test? He has given us everything we need plus a sound mind.

    • Well they told me so many things I was the one who was present.They told me to pray over my sickness going to hospital will not make a difference…they were against so many practices that a normal human being does and also health issues

    • Lorna Kiyayi well check again, it seems you didnt know who preached to u. JW.ORG – Jehovah’s Witnesses can never tell u that

    • If you no like them SHUT UP NO DE LIE. @lorna heyyyyyy. lie lie. YOU HATE THEM no LIE ABOUT THEM tufiakwa mmadu bu rubbish o

    • Lorna kiyayi hummmm! You know how to lie very well, may Jehovah forgive you and remove that spirit of lying from you.

    • See some lies are rilli practiced. If they told u not to go to the hospital, then the lady that died is it in her home, was it not the hospital that wanted to do the transfusion

    • what of if this ur practice didnt take u to heaven…heaven help those who help themselves@ Princess Adesiyan Lois

    • My dear y not turn to a cannibal.And suck blood If you feel it’s also right and blood can be eaten???

    • My dear even after the death, and resurrection of our Lord, and saviour Jesus christ. People are still living by law, and not acknowledging the grace of God in humanity. It’s a pity. Lord have mercy on we all

    • I’m not even going to heaven in the first place I have the hope of living forever on heart in a paradise new world Beyoncé Eunice

  22. People saying religion has killed her..think carefully. No one forced her not to take or accept blood transfusion. It was her decision and obedience to what is found in Acts 15:29. People are quick to point fingers without doing their findings.

  23. This is total nonsense. U people that turn Bible upside down. Preaching nonsense in the name of gospel. I will b the last person to listen to a jehovas witness member. They dnt hv reasonable thing to say. They people that kill most in my village is jehovas witness member. If u like listen to them. Wen u r sick n u need blood, sit there dnt take in the name of useless faith.

  24. Matt 16:25-27 says who ever want to save his life will loose it and whoever loose his or her life for my sake(Jesus) will gain..and he or she will mill be rewarded greatly…Thank sis for running the race to the finish with your eyes on the prize you reward is great….We are waiting on that day when all will be new and we will be happy to receive you back sister..

  25. I don’t like that church at all,full of deceit and they end up doing worst than they preach,ignorance is a big disease.

  26. Is she d first to die in d country for refusing blood transfusion? What about those who died after receiving the blood? Did u inform us? Y is this one news? Was it because she decided to die for her faith? Bring us news OK, this is no news to US.

    • They lack news. Dey need popularity. Some pple lack brain..jst because u want to save ur life u ignore wat d bible teaches but wen u need help u will carry all d bible in ur house n ur neighbours house just because u seek help from God, but wen it comes to doing his will u do watever suits you. I pity 4 u pple

    • Jehovah shall soon reward those who bravely stood firm against all odds to demonstrate their love for him…. We patiently wait for that day…..

  27. Sometimes I wonder y d so called people who call dere self Christian or wil I say worshiping religion. No wonder d Bible says ma people perish due to lack of knowledge some people use deir hands and cause problem for dere self bcos of wat someone told dem. No wonder apostle paul said if someone preach to u make u go bk to d Bible and confirm it by allowing d holy spirit interprets it more to u. Now were she die her husband go stil marry another woman.G

    • You wanna know why she chose to die obeying God? The Bible’s answer The Bible commands that we not ingest blood. So we should not accept whole blood or its primary components in any form, whether offered as food or as a transfusion. Note the following scriptures: Genesis 9:4. God allowed Noah and his family to add animal flesh to their diet after the Flood but commanded them not to eat the blood. God told Noah: “”Only flesh with its soul—its blood—you must not eat.”” This command applies to all mankind from that time on because all are descendants of Noah. Leviticus 17:14. “”You must not eat the blood of any sort of flesh, because the soul of every sort of flesh is its blood. Anyone eating it will be cut off.”” God viewed the soul, or life, as being in the blood and belonging to him. Although this law was given only to the nation of Israel, it shows how seriously God viewed the law against eating blood. Acts 15:20. “”Abstain . . . from blood.”” God gave Christians the same command that he had given to Noah. History shows that early Christians refused to consume whole blood or even to use it for medical reasons. Why does God command us to abstain from blood? There are sound medical reasons to avoid blood transfusions. More important, though, God commands that we abstain from blood because what it represents is sacred to him.—Leviticus 17:11; Colossians 1:20. This is what she read in the Bible and she was ready to die for God than to live. I bet you can’t do this. So instead of insulting her for dying in obedience to God, why not just leave her to God JEHOVAH and allow the bible to be the judge? She and her family are not hopeless like most are. They believe in what is in john 5:28-29 and Acts 24:15-16. If I were you, after seeing this post, I will take my Bible and check what those cited scriptures talked about. But hey, I know that you won’t even bother to check. Instead you will just fire back at me and probably insult me for telling you the truth. Anyways, am waiting for your insulting reply.

    • Sori dear I can’t insult u but rather all I wil say to u is DAT knw Christ for urself not bcos of wat someone said

    • Georgina Nina all u think is d husband getting married to someone. Is dat ur problem? U shouldn’t worry abt dat 1cor 7:39 at least its not a sin if he remarries .its beta dan dose persons who r stil alive yet their husbands goes after other gal abi I lie?, @Georgina Nina…. ur worry should b ow to please ur God because of God u n I wer created n we existed.

    • Success D’actualizer,Gen 9:4,levi 17:14 n act 15:20 are all saying do not eat meat dat still hav blood in it.In other words;a strangled animal….Pls,it did not say do not take blood transfussion!!! Y ar u people claiming knowing all d verses in d bible yet u guys cannot understand it clear.!!

    • Georgina NINA If you where christ will you let them flog you, spit on you, and still kill you?

    • Georgina Nina ur concern b say d hubby go marry anoda wife. Oya go marry am na becos say u dey eye d hubby u dey pray mk she die u think say d man go marry u? U dey learn wrk

    • Mary-jane Nwalieji to eat n to transfuse no b 1 place all dey go dis 1 no b Bible Mata na undastanding. He smtin dey take enter body no b tru injection or mouth doctor say no swallow kerosene u say OK if u inject am no be problem Wetin u go call urself mumu or sabi. Besides in early days Der was Notin lk transfusion d only way dey can tk in blood is thru eating. So stop blaming religion understand it urself I no u will say I am a jw dats y am saying dis bt na u know if every 1 is a jw omini knowest

    • I wonder. ..sometimes pple behave like illiterate. If God can command u not to eat a meat dat stil has blood or wat ever u said dat does make sense.y ll God stil want u to take blood tru ur veins? … Mary-jane Nwalieji

    • Hmmm some people r taking it personal @eunis ofuese . .lol d truth is so so bitter to swallow

    • My dear dey is no truth in wat u ve jst said…I knw u knw persons who r alive yet deir husbands stil sleeps around

    • Go n make ur research with ur own Bible n you’ll see that eating blood of any sort is something detestable to Jehovah. You people are in the dark n don’t want to allow the Bible guide ur thinking with regards to Jehovah’s law’s n principles. We Jehovah’s witnesses live by Bible principles.

    • Mary-jane Nwalieji you were warn nt to eat a food dat snipper poured on..den u go ahead to transfused snipper tru ur vein. Who r u deceiving? ??

  28. She will surely be rewarded for bn loyal to her Creator even in the face of death. Sis, sleep tight!

  29. Hu yhu epp!!… Na ur lyf ur decision whc part of Bible say make yhu refuse blood transfusion….may ur soul rest in peace

  30. Holier than thou….. I lost a cousin bcos her parents refused giving her drugs in the name of “it is against our faith”. It is still this same God that gave the wisdom and knowledge to know drug formulation and disease treatment.

  31. She died for what she believed in. It is written in the bible. Jehovah God will surely save her soul for the resurrection.

  32. Stupidty!!!!!! this is so shit makes me get very angry when I see or hear all theses things God is Spirit and all who worship him should do it in spirit and in truth why do we have to entangle ourselves with so many laws here and there after all what is wrong in getting blood transfusion when your life’s on the line

    • Because blood is life and the bible say no eating of blood. What if she takes the blood and die and besides is she because she is a JW?. Why making the issue a big deal

    • At least she took the blood and died is better than not taking at all. Bro what you wrote doesn’t correspond I beg !!!!! Blood transfusion isn’t eating of blood my mom is a JW and I don’t agree with their doctrine it provokes me a lot imagine because Herod daughters demanding John the Baptist head so they don’t celebrate birthday this doesn’t make sense I’m sorry 👹

    • Well; Jehovah knws those dat belongs to him,so all of u guys here weda u accept wat is in d bible or not,our God will nt change in is principles to us bcoz he knws better than us. So stop callin anytin stupid bcoz of wat we believe we are proud of dat our if u re nt a witness leave matters belongin to witnesses to witnesses

    • Vicky Violet we worship one God but you guys think you are special and better than we other Christians just show me which chapter or verse in the bible that says we shouldn’t transfuse blood to our love ones when there are dying this is simple just show me thank you

    • No body is talkin abt who is better here; after all we were all made in d same way nd we re 4rm one parents. But 4 a fact dat u dnt undastnd our beliefs shudnt mek u hate us.y nt visit our website or ask any witness u see dey. We re ready to help u undastnd but if u dnt want,we dnt force pple to listen to us. One tin still remains; we re appi dat our sister sticked to wat she believes no one is talkin abt who is better

    • We re jus ordinary pple like every one else jr young ntn is special abt us we love everybdy dats y we preach to all we meet.

    • Vicky Violet I don’t hate you my mother is a witness but let say the truth and it shall set us free I was hoping you would share with me your bible verse to back what you said up but you don’t have any I beg your doctrine isn’t on the right path. There’s so Much I don’t want to share here I know you don’t have answers to them

    • Jr Youngboss Beyoncé Eunice I want to believe u r all literate persons. Wen a partient can open is month to eat wat do the doctors do???? I guess dey pass it tru his/ her anus! Eating of food gives strength so is the drip they use in d hospital.

    • If ur doctor ask u not to drink alcohol so that u will live will u inject it into ur vein?

    • Eunis Ofuese I see reading the bible base on physical knowledge doesn’t help but by the guide of the Holy Spirit.

    • Eunis Ofuese blood transfusion isn’t eating blood go and read your bible well I thought I gave some bible verses about this so ready the bible well thank you

    • Jr Youngboss u want Bible verses rite??? Here u go Lev 17: 11-14…Gen 9:4….oya go n find ur bible from werever u dumped it since last sunday n read dose bible verses

    • Eunis Ofuese I already read them I don’t have your time I have told you my mom is a witness and you guys are being brainwashed

    • Any way dats ur problem wit ur church leaders is none of d witnesses problem;all we re sayin is dat we re proud of dat sista weda u lyk it or nt leav pride nd study d bible well;dont prove anytin to us.jr young

    • I believe u must be a disfellowshiped member of d congregatn dats y u re soundin d way u re pls brothers nd sistas pls quit mixin wit dis individual nt even sayin a greetin to him

    • Vicky Violet I never joined but I compared and realized I don’t need that life is very precious and I can’t join a church which doctrine would not allow me to get blood transfusion, celebrate my birthday, sing national anthem, celebrate Christmas etc

    • Religion is d major problem we have in Nigeria.. Welcome to Nigeria where religion has made people do funny things..

    • Ur Jr Youngboss if u eat blood Wr does it go is it nt your body if u transfuse is it nt ur body so dey r both d same tin

    • Brainwashed my foot.We’re all proudly Jehovah’s witnesses 24/7.Say whatever u want to say,we’ll always keep our integrity to our heavenly father Jehovah.

  33. I respect her decision. Because she will be resurrected when God’s kingdom come.

  34. She was not forced not to accept, she made the decision herself based on what she learned from the Bible. The Bible condems blood transfusion and we try to practice what we learned from the Bible even in the face of dead. The Bible principles are the foremost in our lives, it’s sad to loose her to death but we know she is awaiting ressurection. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  35. Pls brothers and sisters dat are commenting here do nt reply does dat are nt jw, but remember dat Jesus said we will be persecuted for his name

  36. They lack news. Dey need popularity. Some pple lack brain..jst because u want to save ur life u ignore wat d bible teaches but wen u need help u will carry all d bible in ur house n ur neighbours house just because u seek help from God, but wen it comes to doing his will u do watever suits you. I pity 4 u pple

  37. I see no reason why she refused blood transfusion…. We are all Christians but some people choose to develop rules for themselves.. Now that she have died what is the gain. D husband will still marry another lady. We make things difficult for ourselves… Jehovah witness misunderstands d bible… D question now is where would she spend eternity.,.. There is hell n heaven.

    • Have you ever asked the witnesses for their view of blood? Is it everyone that have taken transfusion that survives? How view others? Do you see your opinion/view as superior to that of others? Have you asked doctors the death rate of people that accept transfusion against those that don’t?

    • @bright kalio, You wanna know why she chose to die obeying God? The Bible’s answer The Bible commands that we not ingest blood. So we should not accept whole blood or its primary components in any form, whether offered as food or as a transfusion. Note the following scriptures: Genesis 9:4. God allowed Noah and his family to add animal flesh to their diet after the Flood but commanded them not to eat the blood. God told Noah: “”Only flesh with its soul—its blood—you must not eat.”” This command applies to all mankind from that time on because all are descendants of Noah. Leviticus 17:14. “”You must not eat the blood of any sort of flesh, because the soul of every sort of flesh is its blood. Anyone eating it will be cut off.”” God viewed the soul, or life, as being in the blood and belonging to him. Although this law was given only to the nation of Israel, it shows how seriously God viewed the law against eating blood. Acts 15:20. “”Abstain . . . from blood.”” God gave Christians the same command that he had given to Noah. History shows that early Christians refused to consume whole blood or even to use it for medical reasons. Why does God command us to abstain from blood? There are sound medical reasons to avoid blood transfusions. More important, though, God commands that we abstain from blood because what it represents is sacred to him.—Leviticus 17:11; Colossians 1:20. This is what she read in the Bible and she was ready to die for God than to live. I bet you can’t do this. So instead of insulting her for dying in obedience to God, why not just leave her to God JEHOVAH and allow the bible to be the judge? She and her family are not hopeless like most are. They believe in what is in john 5:28-29 and Acts 24:15-16. If I were you, after seeing this post, I will take my Bible and check what those cited scriptures talked about. But hey, I know that you won’t even bother to check. Instead you will just fire back at me and probably insult me for telling you the truth. Anyways, am waiting for your insulting reply.

    • … Never Gives What Belong To The Little Children To The Dogs… A Physical Man Does Not Understand The Things Of The Spirit…


    • At success, there is nothing like such in d bible… Stop misinterpreting d bible. D bible was in existence b4 d creation of Jehovah witness. Act chapter 15 vs 28-29 do not stop transfusion of blood …. U guys r too religious… U don’t believe in hell, you don’t celebrate birthday, you don’t celebrate Christmas… Keep on deceiving yourselves.

    • Yes,dats true oo.They dont beliv in hell…so,people dat died with their sins,where wil they be?

    • Proudly JW may Jehovah be praised for teaching me the truth.and may she be remember on the resurrection may her family be consoled tru Gods word the bible.

    • #maryjane, If Hell Is Real Existing There In Heaven Why Do Yu Still Expecting Resurection As The Meaning Is Wake Someone From Death Or Deep Sleep?

    • Victoria when its obvious u live in darkest night u open ur mouth wide open to say we are deceiving ourselves when we should be having pity on u .meaning the word of God doesn’t mean anything to u.pls wake up .n If I may ask u can you start quoting scriptures where this ur hell is?

    • Mary go and read d book of revelation…. U claim u know bible but u don’t know hell is real… What a shame! Stop turning the bible upside down… Johovah witness always argue a lot n d worst they r wrong…

    • We don’t believe in hell….. But come to think of it….. What will you Calll a god who torments people day and night an watch em suffer……??? Wicked or good? Keep Dat answer to your self

    • @ bright focus on d topic and stop digressing frm d matter by bringing another topic(hell) its very obvious u were told wht u said.tht was why u couldn’t back urslf up with any bible quotations or ur own research ask ur clergy if any could tell u were in d whole bible tht its optional to take blood then u re a Christian…listen we have Christian and Christendom whch do u belong?we are bible students

    • @TamunoBelema Bright Kalio, you are really confused. So so confused. You dont even have a Bible, cuz if you do, you would have gone thru those cited scriptures and read. But if you have gone thru them and still acting this way, then it means you are just out of it and it also means that you have a very low sense of reasoning. But anyways, lemme help you out a lil. If hell is real and if all good people who have died have gone to heaven and all bad people who have died have gone to hell, then where have the people who died before Christianity came to Africa gone to? Remember, these people didnt hear about God and they served juju or idols all their life and they believed that that juju or idol is their God. They didnt hear about God at all and so they died before knowing God and served juju all their lives. Now where will those people go to? The second point is, ask your pastor if jesus was born December 25 and also ask your pastor to show you in the bible the word christmas or father christmas or Santa clause. Ask your pastor if they disciples of jesus ever celebrated christmas. The third point…. Ask your pastor if the word easter is in the bible and if the disciple of jesus ever celebrated easter. Ask your pastor if jesus or his disciples ever celebrated birthdays and also ask him if jesus ever ask us to celebrate birthday. Do you know why I ask you to ask your pastor? Its because you dont even read your bible thats even if you have one and even though I bring out Bible verses for you to read, am very very very very very sure that you won’t even bother to read them. Instead you will just still come here and comment rubbish. So I implore you to ask your pastor. If your pastor is sincere, which I know he isn’t sincere, he will tell you the truth. Pastors are not sincere cuz their members do not wanna hear the truth. All they want to hear is what suits their hearts and they are after miracles, and pastors are after your money cuz church is a cool business where the pastors are enriching themselves, buying private jets and living in luxury

    • Joe u talk rubbish …. U r a jw n that is y u will say such… I did not reply cos I don’t need any unnecessary argument… Have known u guys b4 now that you argue a lot … N nobody told me what to say… Bible student for all I care! We r not doing bible challenge here. Continue in ur belief n I will continue in mine n let’s c where it will lead us to.

    • Success u have no right to judge pastors cos u r not even better than them. Keep ur belief to yourself…. That’s all I have to say… Ur religion have now teach u how to judge n have unnecessary sentiment. Confused people!

    • we are not confused people we only help our friends see reasons from the bible,like our sis who did becos of not accepting bld took dis stand becos she knows life in dis world is vanity and dat if she displeases God just to keep living and at d end she dies wat wud be her reward.jehovah our God is the giver of life and anyone who displeases him to continue living will loose his life and anyone who dies in d course of serving him will gain his life,so think twice.

    • Pls brothers and sisters u guys should stop dis dragging issues. Nobody will ever agree to d others belive, dats one tin u guys should understand. Hell or no hell, heaven or no heaven, giving blood or no blood, only God knws everytin.

    • Heaven- Yes n not everybody will be there,Read Revelation 7:1-10 n 14:1-3. Hell is the common grave of mankind. Job who was referred to as the one UPRIGHT n BLAMELESS requested to be concealed in hell(job 14:13).The churches teaches that hell is place of torment where whoever that sins goes there n Will be tormented. Read Ecclesiastics 9:5 n 10,there the dead are conscious of nothing at all, so if the dead are conscious of nothing, they’ll obviously feel no pain n I’ll love u guys to also read from ur own Bible on the condition of the dead at Psalms 146:4, Ezekiel 18:4.Then if you’re not convinced then read Revelation 20:13 n 14.Read about the everlasting punishment for the wicked ones/sinners in Psalms 37:9-11 n 29.

    • @TamunoBelemaBrightKalio take it easy to we JW we stands on what the Bible says don’t eat blood including transfusion.Birthday n Christmas are of Idol worship even MFM, Deeper Life has see d lights too they don’t celebrate all these paganism n Jehovah will open their eyes to integrate into Jehovah witnesses for their own good

    • SHebi una don hear from d deceased cousins mouth y una still dey Argue again… All I kn is dat nobody is perfect bt serve God with ur heart and nt ur mouth..

    • Don’t take it personal it was her personal decision leave it for her .avoid religious sentiment

    • Am proud of u my fellow brothers and sisters for strongly standing up for the truth and am happy to be am Jehovah’s organization. We are bible students and can’t be deceived with lies from anybody. All others in doubt please be humble enough to request a Bible study from any jw around cos God’s kingdom loading 99.9%aronud the corner

    • If u are really a Christian then u must own a copy of the bible… Flip ur fingers to Acts 15:28,29 ABSTAIN FROM BLOOD it’s jst so clear. There are also countless no. Of scriptures that tells us y blood should not be eaten or transfixed rather poured out. Additionally medical experts recently about 3 days ago aired it on media that it is safe and best to do without blood transfusion while doing surgery and other complicated stories. Y not pause to ask yourself before blabbing like an pity barrel… How many patients have survived after blood transfusion??? And how many have died due to refusal of blood! Get your facts well before you show how shallow your knowledge is to the public. Indeed you will prosper, good health to you If u abstain from blood

    • Success D’actualizer I love you and I appreciate your biblical knowledge and understanding but I have little question for you and if you can convincingly satisfy my curiosity, I vow to the a member of JW. 1. I believe you wash your hands before eating swallow. Please where’s it in the bible? 2. You wear boxers and your female pants. Please where in the bible do Jehovah command or ask us to wear boxers and pants? 3. You have handset, television and other gadgets and electronic devices. Please with biblical speaking why do you own them. 4. Jehovah preached the gospel without microphone, why are Jehovah witness using it today? 5. Jehovah didn’t attend primary. Secondary and higher institution, why are you and your pastor doing such? Please I need biblical quotations on it. Sometimes we clam to know God even more than God Himself, misunderstanding the scriptures. We have to understand that the HOLY scripture is not a literal book that you read literally the way it’s written, rather we need prayer and the aid of the HOLY SPIRIT to understand His words. My concern is not in Churches and denominations, but your personal relationship with God. It’s only on social media, we have more of saints, bible scholars and people filled with moral decadence. But when you met us personally, our lives are full of questionable characters. You’re not the owner of Catholic, while fighting for it? You’re not the owner of Jehovah’s witness, why fighting for it? If actually you’re a Godly Christian, you’re not to argued but pray that God will convert those who don’t believe in Him. It’s because we are all fake, that’s why we want to lord our doctrines, believes and religious faith to others and when there’s refusal to accept, we fight, argue and insults each other. We really need to repent. Mind you, on that day, judgment day, I don’t think God will be calling churches and denominations for judgment. It’s a personal thing. What’s your personal relationship with God? Don’t be surprise, that you might make it and that your pastor who thought you about God, won’t make it. Only God knows those who are His true worshipers and children. If we expect to see everything in the bible, then none of us can be able to lift or study the bible due it size and weigh. Let’s forget about religious sentiment and focus on what you believe. Mind you, there are several means of achieving a particular purpose. For the fact that we are running the same race doesn’t mean we must run through the same track. In a race, every runner (participant) has it’s own track. We all must not run on a particular track to achieve same goal. I pray we understand. Have a Godly Sunday and weekend. Orator is Blessed

    • Nnabueze Uchechukwu EmmaJesus, your whole writeup is just out of it. You sound educated but your sense of reasoning is very very very very very very LOW. ah na, you were not mature in your comment at all. Infact, am disappointed at you bro. You are far more educated than this. Bro, pls work on your sense of reasoning cuz I think its very low

    • And let me tell u this is not about religion is about obeying the God who made d command not to eat blood, and we have hope dat wen we die we will come back to life in Jehovah’s new world ar not like u people who don’t have hope of coming back to life again. So better come and serve Jehovah with us so dat wen u die u will have d hope of coming back to life in paradise ok

    • God is tht guy living on earth cus he is d most stupid nd brainless being I hav heard of aw cn persin tinkin b dis low oooooo jah @ nnabueze

    • Jahdozie Jonadab Orji action there say speak louder than voice. With all due respect, please tell me where I have wronged you that you insult me? You want be to come join you serve Jehovah but what’s it that will attract me to your Jehovah? Imagine your language and utterance towards someone you don’t know and haven’t met. Please let’s be sincere, is there any atom of Godliness in your speech and reactions? Besides I didn’t even address my question to you and that’s why I mention he I expected a reactions from. Matthew 5:10 reading down to 19 says, let your light so shine, so that men will see and glorify God. Brother Jahdozie Jonadab is there anything to glorify God in your speech? Come to think of it, if I am wrong, as a Jehovah’s witness and child of God, is that how you should correct or rebuke me? Is that what it takes to Witness for Jehovah? Or didn’t Jehovah ask you to correct in love even as you’re witnessing for him? Do you actually know and understand what Jehovah’s witness really means? We only fight for doctrine with Characters. Brother Jahdozie Jonadab Orji, Repent, you really need repentance. I don’t believe in denominations and Churches, I relate with people based on there personal relationship with God when it comes to religion. I didn’t ask questions to cause argument but to know. So if you can’t educate me on that, why not save your breath instead of displaying the level of your foolishness. It’s better to stay quite so that people will think you’re a fool than to speak to convince people of your foolishness (proverb). A word is enough for the wise… Remain blessed. Success D’actualizer my very good friend, thanks a million times for reminding me of my low reasoning mentality, but you didn’t answer any of my questions. I’m know I have low reasoning but I’m sure I have a friend who’s reasoning is far better than mine and that’s why I direct my question to him. It’s actually in a moment like this you prove your high level of reasoning and wisdom. I’m always read and willing to learn till death. Beloved Success D’actualizer, you’re disappointed in me for asking questions that I don’t know, due to my low reasoning, BUT you’re not disappointed at your fellow witness who’s witnessing for Jehovah with insults. Or didn’t his own comments display on your screen? My reasoning is low because I ask questions but someone who’s reasoning is high and has the full knowledge of Jehovah to the point of witnessing for him insults like a pagan. Probably he’s right because he’s fighting for Jehovah. Or is that part of the witnessing? You said I’m not mature for wanting you to educate me more of the scriptures as one witnessing for Jehovah, right? But your fellow witness is very very mature for insulting me and calling me names. Even you who’s mature and reasons high could not correct nor rebuke him. You need to repent. Finally, I said it before and will say it again, it’s not all about your church and my church, but your personal relationship with God and my personal relationship with God. Allow God to do His work, you can’t help God in His work. May GOD help us… I’m sorry if I offend you but the truth must be told. Remain blessed

    • The reasons she choose to obey God’s law on blood transfusion is bcos she has hope of being resurrected to God’s promise new world were there will be no more death. So even if she agree to take blood and still live she will still have died someday with no hope of coming back to life.

  38. pls stop critizing the lady…Non of us knew if she would’ve survived…I respect her decision and the God that she serve will bless, reward, remember and give her everlasting life in his kingdom…May Jah give her family the strength to bear the loss…’re an example of faith to me dear. May God help me to imitate your faith.

  39. Sorry.. it’s a civilised world and everything provided for man is for his pleasures and to advance and be like God, not him literally but we’ve powers to fly. We advanced, used the things ment for usage at our Own disposal.. to survive in the jungle you gotta be a predator or get preyed on.. Religious extremists who don’t even understand the scriptures.. that’s why we’ve too many problems, people Who are certified holy and the classified sinners. Those who kill in the name of God and those who discriminate cause one is tagged sinner.. All I’m saying is bring religion in when supposed to not at critical moments like this.. if you’ve to die consider another individual’s life, who you selfishly depriving the right to live, make a sacrifice for the baby. Let him/her decide their faith.. leave everything for God to judge

  40. I don’t just know what to say. Like seriously, religion has gotten deep into us and destroying us instead of building us

  41. What about the blood during child birth,may God deliver us from all this stupid teaching that might send someone straight to hell

  42. our relationship with Jehovah is the most important thing in our life,why will sister take blood transfusion, she don’t need it the Bible book of Hebrew 11: 6 says moreover, without faith it is impossible to pls God well, for whoever approaches God must believe that he trustworthy and that he becomes the rewarder of those earnestly seeking him,so friends we must resolved not to eat blood bcos it’s represent life so we need 2 have respect for blood

  43. Even d bible say my pple perish bcos of lack of knowledge.u guys are claiming wat d bible says in act 15:29 plz go back ad get a beta undastand of dat verse u sudn’t take blood doesn’t min u sudn’t take blood to save a life it mins u sudn’t take blood to involve in evil tinz blood transfusion is to save life.common sense is not common hu will take care of d child she brought into dis wicked world instead of ha to b alive ad teach d child d way of God

    • If ur doctor tells u not to drink alcohol so that u will live will u inject it into ur vein simply cos ur doctor save u shouldn’t drink it?

    • My common sense will tell me if d alcohol is gud for my health or not.I will do anytin to save my life ad if it doesn’t work den dat is d will of God for my life.

  44. the blood of Jesus Christ is more than any other blood, u reject blood transfusion cos u feel it’s a sin,ar u free form other sin cos the last time I check sin is sin,

    • Please this is not the time to judge her u re not God at least she has done a remarkable thing keeping her christian faith and remaining even in the face of death

  45. I saved life today, i donated blood for free. Donate blood and save life God will reward you.

  46. The bible says regarding the old testament laws that if you’ve broken one law, you’ve broken all of them. So I hope the people agreeing with rejecting blood transfusion also maintains all other laws, because if not, then it’s all wasted efforts. Or you can come to the realization that Jesus Christ is your only hope for salvation and not your own actions/works. Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit leads us into truly understanding God’s Word.

    • Tell them, who can live by law, and not fault. That is why Jesus came. He didn’t come to abolish the law, but summarises it to one. Which is love. How many of us are really to die cos of love? Agape love of God. How many of us practice such love? Rather we claim self righteousness. Lord have mercy. No hard feelings, just my opinion. Everyone can believe whatever they want to believe, but whoever does not believe and accept Jesus christ as personal Lord and saviour, whether blood transfusion or not, cannot be saved. Let’s tell ourselves the truth.

  47. wetin concern me….. mtcheeerw na she wan die…… d issue z wia z she going to…… let church doctrines nt deceive u ioooooo…. dia z hell n heaven it’s written crystal clear in revelation i wonder if revelation dey dia Bible…. no use blessed r d meek for they shall inherit d earth dey deceive urself….. hell z very real…..

    • Have you been there before? Who owns Hell, God or Satan the Devil?…there is no Hell in the Bible ok? Hell is an old English word which simply means ‘burry’ or ‘hide underground’. Africans we are poor in everything. Even in our undetstanding of common English word like Hell and we think its a place…poor you

    • Nw it’s African dat r poor in understanding…. Even d whites dat brought Christianity to African blivz Dia z hell…. It’s a bunch f misled scholars hu r d Jehovah witness dat blivs in no hell…… Plz tk tym to read ur Bible if dat Jehovah witness Bible z nt saying d truth try read oda version….. Over sabi dey worry u….. Oga know all…… Mtcureeew

    • Na y will i even insulting u….. Haba u jxt stated ur fact….. Plz abeg wia did u see or hia dat abstain from blood in medical purposes…. At dat was ur forefathers d doctor biko enlighten wia early Christian abstain from blood for medical purposes…… Hu z feeding u dis history crab Abbi una dey see history for dream or probably Peter or oda apostle had sound doctors lyk our tym…… I dnt need to argue wit u or any jw….. I gat plenty for jw Around at least i no jw pretty well

    • Check your bible for more fact… Don’t just assume things…. Whatever law that was given back then is still applicable now so far it is in the bible…..we follow what we read and see with our own eyes from the Bible not what people say or some so called men of God….we are witnesses and this is what we believe.

    • Indeed witnesses follow wich Bible……. Do u pple bliv in rapture n Wat apostle John wrote abt rapture in revelation…… Hell z real…. Indeed u pipo r folowin ur own church Bible

    • Az cynzzy.. My dear no mind them.. Na so one of come one day for my house come the tell me say there is nothing like heaven and hell… That the world is their paradise..

    • Millicent,pls explain to me what John meant in Revelation 20vs15…dat whoever did not have his name written in d book of life was thrown into D LAKE OF FIRE…since u said there is nothing like hell fire in d bible

    • dey even say God will jxt pick a selected no f pple to heaven n d evil ones will jxt to only jw knws wia n d rest will b on earth paradise

    • Mary Jane no mind dem…. d Lake f fire wey dey revelation na Lagos bar beach….. they decieve diaself

    • Princess Adesianya,Genesis 9vs4 says,”d one thing u must not eat is MEAT WITH BLOOD STILL IN IT”…in other words…a strangled animal…..pls what has it got to do with blood transfussion?

    • I don’t like arguing with them…it’s just a waste of time and energy… Deceivers that’s what i called them

    • Princess Adesiyan,all dis bible verses u gave here did not say ..”do not take blood transfussion”,rather it says”do not eat animals with blood still in it” which also means strangled animals….so am stil wondering where d bible said u should not transfuse blood….clear me pls with ur members dat u people ar saying n doing wat is in d bible…

    • #maryjanenwalieji, we dont read the bible, we study the Bible. U said u didnt see where it says about ‘transfusion’, what did u see?…or are u lookin fo d word ‘transfusion’in d passage. It is clear there, whether you believe it or not the truth cannot be hidden. So when u see ‘do not eat blood’ what does it mean…do u think eatin blood is when u buy blood and Cook and start eating it. When a doctor tells u to stop drinking alcohol, when u inject it to yourself havent u broke that rule?the sanctity of blood from Jehovah’s standpoint cannot be overly emphasized. Its either you believe it or not. We Jehovah’s Witnesses choose to adhère to that standards whether it seems good to men or not

    • In Rev 20:15 a vivid explanation of eternal destruction was given. A mention was made of the lake of fire. Note again that in Rev.21:8 described further that there is in this lake ‘sulpher’. Sulpheric acid is known to be a substance that can diminish even the most hard of metals. Therefore by the mention in the Bible in Rev. 20:15 and 21:8 refers to ‘the total removal or detruction or deminishing’ of people, humans who continue in their sinful cause and does not repent’. However, the literal explanation given of the much touted non existing ‘figurative Hell’ by most Christendom Churches is that…its a place of eternal torture. Does such hollow explanation of Hell not contradict the scriptures in Rev.21:8? However, can it not be linked with the original English meaning of the word ‘Hell’ which means to bury underground or beneath yhe surgace?

    • Amber Mixael,its says”do not eat meat dat blood is stil in it”….do not interprete d bible upside down dear….do u believe dat hellfire exists..@amber mixael,d one dat studies d bible!!..

    • #maryjanenwalieji. Didnt u see it to ‘”abstain from BLOOD'” in Acts 15:29?? Then u need to read again and pray that Jehovah help u understand. As for the ‘Hellfire’ pls where is it located. The Bible says God created d heavens and the earth pls where is this hellfire located. And may u back yourself with the scriptures bcos i will be quoting a lot for you dear. So hope u r ready. Secondly, Adam committed sin that Led us all to condemnation what sentence did God gave this man that brought us into this mess (fyi, he lived up to 930 years) If you can answer these questions and are ready with bible passages to back your claims, then lets talk

    • Mary-jane Nwalieji learn to study your Bible diligently don’t just read study and meditate, we Jehovah witnesses study bible diligently and with the help of his Holy Spirit we are able to understand the bible and willing to share it with the honesthearted ones

    • study hellfire came into existence d moment Lucifer n his agent disobeyed God…… pls wia z it written dat evil pple will jxt vanish without a trace….. hell z real ooooo…. d visions f John d apostle even clearly tells a mad man dat hell z real….

    • am sure d jw Bible z different…. plz go n read oda Bible version lyk kjv, rsv …….revelation d whole f it n see Wat will happen at d last day…… HELLLLLLLL IS REALLLLLL….. abt we staying in paradise z written Dia too but dat z a millinium years after d rapture dat z wen d second judgement will tk place…. n d earth will b made anew for mankind

    • any human telin u dat only a selected no f pple will go to heaven n d rest will b on earth….. it’s a bigggggggg liar……

    • my dear i cant a point out of all this statement of urs,where is it in the bible?if not then we dont have anything to talk about. #peace

    • go n read d whole f revelation from other Bible versions…… if u still can’t read it keep listening to d lies dat jw ancestors created

    • Az Cynzzy…even your mentioning of Lucifer alone tells it all. Did you ever knew that the Bible never mentions Lucifer as the name of the Devil? Ok, lets do it this way, tell me where in the Bible of any version that i can read and know the real name of the devil? I have read and studied the whole Bible not less than twice and i still do. So you rather come again. Your asertions are a little too prematured.

    • haba Lucifer was an angel……. hu disobeyed God n was thrown out f God kingdom…… goodness am even feeling dizzy with all dese jw lies…. kiiiiiiii mtchreeerw i wish u pple words abt hell was true…….


    • tel wetin bros…. live dem… dem no dey gree truth except dia own… d only tin i lyk abt jw z dat they preach from door to door n teach Dia young to do same….. odas na wash

    • Let get this clear…..where exactly is it stated in the bible that the wicked will be thrown into hell? You can’t just tell us to read the whole of revelation….. If u are sure of what u are saying then, pin point where it is in the bible…the chapter and verse. What we read from the bible is that the righteous will possess the earth and find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace while the wicked will be no more ( psalm 37:9-11) And mind you all bible is the same

    • Mary-jane Nwalieji Pls explain to me because I don’t know and am sure u know if u eat blood Wr does it go and if u transfuse blood Wr does it go am sure if u eat blood it goes to ur body and if u transfuse it pours on d ground or vice versa waiting for just d explanation

    • to understand d rapture n hw d revelation of John thru God pls read study n understand d whole f revelation Abbi u don tire to read Bible ni… jw Bible z different from odas….. wen oda Bible say cross The jw version will tek

    • am not sure u pple bliv in rapture…. it’s all in revelation…. jxt read n study all d chapters u need to do so…. for proper clearification

    • My dear Sisters there’s no point trying to clarify them on this issue cos the god of this systems has blinded their minds so that the illumination of the glorious goodnews might not shine through. As followers of Christ,we strongly adhere to Bible’s principles.While in the field ministry we encourage our listeners to bring out their own copy of the while we reason with them n we have countless of non-witnessess like the ones here who argues with the teachings of the Bible but later came to realize the truth we teach n they’re now one of Jehovah’s witnesses,witnessing to people as well

    • #Stacy go n ask ur ancestors Weda stake/tree means d same with cross.. see person wey know book…. am sure u hv ever never bin to a school

    • Jude…… u think am u pple dat hv change God, s word to anoda tin. ..ode…. am sure u hv nt heard f rapture coz una book or bible no get am…….. blind leading d blind…….

    • Juliet pple choose Wat church they want to belong to…. u r talking abt pple dat change to b witnesses after they wia told d truth… i wonder Wat truth z dat….. my neighbor hu z a Catholic married a jw n nw she z no longer going to d jw…. xo dnt tel me u jxt say d truth n convert pple coz sm jw leaves n go to oda churches wen they find anoda truth Dia….. mtcheeeeew ndi truth

    • Az Cynzzy,we are not here blindly argue with you cos it makes no sense.I’ll gladly tell you that Jehovah’s Witnesses are the only ones that teaches Bible Truth.If you’re trying to make argument, please back it up with scriptures make your research. Don’t argue without proof,it is only an illiterate that argues blindly without a proof.Whoever that is humble will first of all listen, make research n then come up with proofs to back up his/her argument. And lastly Jehovah’s witnesses seek out for those that are deserving n those who are tasty for spiritual food. We know n practice the truth n the Truth sets us free. So humble yourself n allow Jehovah’s witnesses to use ur OWN Bible n reason with you.

    • arguing with u z meaningless am tired f listening to d lies they fill my ears with…. i hv three childhood jw friends,hu can’t n has neva said a simple prayer with me yet they want to convince me to join Dia hall. mtcheeeeew am tired f arguing with jw….. jxt carry ur argument to sm one else….. today na Sunday….. gat tins to do before my friends cum..

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  49. Jesus christ!. Wtf? Wow she’s the one that kill herself anyway. Religious is become too much in africa

  50. Blood is holy to Jehovah because blood represents life. Jehovah commanded us not to eat blood, Jehovah witnesses deeply respect God’s gift of life ,we will not accept a blood transfusion, we are determined to obey his law about blood because we love him. We try hard to keep healthy, We will look for alternative treatments to keep living ,we are convinced that the creator of life and blood knows what is best for us. Even if we die now we have a resurrection hope when Jesus will call and the dead will answer. Do well to consider Genesis 9:3-4 Leviticus 17:13-14, Mathew 16:25,Act 15:28-29,John 5:28-29 for more information contact us on

  51. These are the kind of christians that fail WAEC because the only question they know in the theory part is “Write to your uncle in the US apologizing to him for not…….”and they refuse to answer the question because they don’t have any uncle in the US and they cannot lie…..

  52. Awwww.hmmmmm. no harm in trying. They should then stop taking medication n going to hospital as well

  53. My story continues … To some hu did not understand…I said it bf that Jehovah saved me not bcs I’m perfect…. The woman that I was telling u about died the next day . bcs of what ???? I’m not mocking her in anyway…..she’s died bcs of what??? On so many occasions this blood tin has killed some pple in the name of take blood u will survive…. I wasn’t afraid of death even if I died at the result of not taking blood I will be happy very much happy …y?…bcs I know I didn’t disobey Jehovah and surly he will resurrect me . . don’t fear death rather trust jehovah put ur faith on him first that’s what dis my sister displayed….of which she lost her life believe me this my jw sister was happy the day she was dying knowing fully well that she made Jehovah happy…

  54. My people perish cos they lack of wisdom,if u don’t have dat,ask for it n it shall b given unto u.

  55. I am a nurse Midwife by profession and also a witness to Jehovah’s sovereignty. post partum haemorrhage could be linked to so many things that can occur as a risk of pregnancy. I have witnessed so many being transfused with poor prognosis. Obeying Jehovah’s law even in face of death brings a large reward. What ever the Bible conderms is wrong and should never be excused, for fear of death. Do not marvel at this for the hour is coming in which all those in the MEMORIAL TOMB will hear Jesus’s voice and come back to life. Her obedience and faithfulness to Jehovah her creator down till her death has placed her in God’s Memory. How many of you talking r In God’s memory?

    • it is people like you that will disobey God’s commandment on morality simply because u want to enjoy life. God’s commandment can never be revised by man, never think u can change that word- Abstain from blood ‘ or that which told the israelites to eat flesh n it’s soul but as for the blood they should poor out. That was clear that if they were not to eat through their GIT, there were not supposed to take it in through their veins. The same judgement he’ll render to sexual immoral people is what he’ll do to those who disregard his law on the sanity of blood. Don’t think God wasn’t wise when he gave us his laws n guidance in the Bible

    • Nurse, and I hope u have never transfused anybody and will never do it, anyway u try it in life, the wrath of Ur God will come on u, U people should stop deceiving urselfs,

    • You are the one deceiving yourself. God laws is very clear. And he never force anybody to obey it

    • She as a witness cannot n will never transfuse blood on someone. The WRATH of God comes upon everyone who disobeys God’s laws,those who take blood transfusion are not exempted.

  56. 4 all of u here taking panadol 4 someone’s headache, hv u never seen sum1 died after blood transfusion? She died having a standing with Jehovah n He will definitely remember her

  57. i live for jehovah and if i die, i die for jehovah. his command willing to obey. is my faith i’ll follow it.

  58. My mother attends RCCG but shuns blood transfusion, cos she knows what God’s word says on blood transfusion… So for all of u who choose to b blinded even when truth is being revealed pls take ur time to read n analyze the following Scriptures from any version of ur choice. LEVITICUS 7:26 LEVITICUS 17:11 ACTS 15:28,29 GENESIS 9:4 It’s awful that most of them criticizing JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES here might be APOSTATES… who will do everything within their might to mislead ppo. Those with discernment should thread with caution. For more info on blood transfusion n other widely asked Bible based questions pls visit this website; WWW. JW. ORG . It has helped me ans a lot of questions that u might need ans to.

  59. Jehovah God will not forget the faith and the obedience you have proved to him, you are not dead, but u are in deep sleep and you will rise when you will hear the voice of our lord and master Christ Jesus calling you out from that memorial tomb, then by the grace of Jehovah our God we will all seen our selves together in a world that is new. You are not alone sister, because our God Jehovah is with you. May Jehovah give me such stregnth and faith to serve him faithfully to the end. Hhmmmmm

  60. mind u we are not Church… let me tell u I no no 1 will agree to die but she died base on her faith so wat yhu own cup of tea did her husband beg u fu all ur unscriptural talks ehhh

  61. There are other alternatives : blood boosting injections that r faster n safer than transfusion. it seems u guys r out of news… Mtchewwww.

  62. Well; Jehovah knws those dat belongs to him,so all of u guys here weda u accept wat is in d bible or not,our God will nt change in is principles to us bcoz he knws better than us. So stop callin anytin stupid bcoz of wat we believe we are proud of dat our if u re nt a witness leave matters belongin to witnesses to witnesses

  63. Have you been there before? Who owns Hell, God or Satan the Devil?…there is no Hell in the Bible ok? Hell is an old English word which simply means ‘burry’ or ‘hide underground’. Africans we are poor in everything. Even in our undetstanding of common English word like Hell and we think its a place…poor you

  64. Jehova detest eating of blood, either through transfusion or directly, surely he will remember her in the resurrection.

  65. You just believe in this story without finding out if its true and you start talking ….

  66. The diseased made her choice, and Jehovah will not forget that act of loyalty. I see some ppl Who profess to be christain But wants to serve God by their own standards. Studying the Bible to know how best to serve God is the best decision ever

  67. we worship one God but you guys think you are special and better than we other Christians just show me which chapter or verse in the bible that says we shouldn’t transfuse blood to our love ones when there are dying this is simple just show me… All the bible verse you are trying to say here doesn’t talk about blood transfusion it talks about not eating animal with blood in it I have prove so read yourself and stop deceiving yourselves you are not better Christian then others thank you … Leviticus-17-14 Genesis-9-4 Acts-15-29

    • Have u taken time to read Leviticus 17:10-11?the place talks about any sorts of blood. And of course the sad consequence is clearly stated there

    • She refuse to transfuse hw does that relate to thinking that they are better Dan others is that d bone of contention or u just want to talk other death occuring is it as a result of rejecting blood? Nw u r told nt to swallow tramadol dat it’s dangerous and u feel dat injecting it into ur bloodstream is d good hw will u rate urself eating blood and transfusing blood wat is d difference. Weather u eat or u transfuse dey r all going into ur body in early days Der was Notin lk transfusion. D only way blood can get into d body was through eating dats y it was clearly stated so let’s use our initiative. So it’s not all abt religion it’s abt personal choice Pls stop judging any religion tanx

  68. Let’s not use our hand to kill ourselves let’s do d one we can and live d rest 2 God who has d final say

  69. (Genesis 9:4 Only flesh with its life—its blood—you must not eat.) She strongly believe what the Bible teaches and she has confidence in resurrection hope as recorded in the Bible book of John 5:28,29. it’s not about Jehovah’s witness doctrine or tradition, it’s about what the Bible teaches. Besides.. Blood Transfusion Doesn’t Guarantee Survival. It’s better to die out of our obedience to Jehovah than to live with absolute disobedience to Him.

  70. Life everlasting awaits her in God’s righteous new world .I salute her loyalty to God’s commandment not just because it suits her but because she really wants to live by his righteous standard. ‘He who trys to save his life will lose it’

    • That’s a big lie,noting is wrong with blood transmission, she died a careless death,God won’t be held responsible

    • she died upholding to bible principlesbecos she undetstands fully well dat life in dis temporary but pleasing jehovah gives life everlating

    • Please, where is it in bible that forbids blood transfusion? You may also ask me where in the bible that supports blood transfusion? Come let us reason is what bible tell me in Isaiah, 1:18.

    • There is no guarantee on that. If she was’nt born again before her demise, refusing blood transfusion is not her ticket to heaven. She only died becos of a mere doctrine of her congregation……. Pure ignorance

    • Yes, she died up holding God’s standard of holiness ask yourself can I do such? Her love for God was more than her love for this ungodly wicked system of things…. It is not a ‘mere’ doctrine. She was only following what the bible says which is to keep away from blood. Acts 15:29,Lev 17:13,14. Because the life of every sort of flesh is its blood .

  71. She’s our dear sister and Jehovah will definitely remember her cause she obeyed him even in d face of death

  72. It is better for Jehovah’s witnesses to lose favour of d world and gain Jehovah’s favour than for us to lose favour of Jehovah’s and gain favour of d world.pls visit on more information why Jehovah’s witnesses don’t take blood transfusion I rest my case.

  73. Jehovah will call my dear sister and you will answer back to life where death which is the last enemy will cease may Jehovah be with ur family

  74. Jehova detest eating of blood,act15:28-29;21:25,genc9:3-4;heb11:6,our dear sis died having a good standing with Jehovah and for sure he will definitely rememba her

  75. Blood or no blood, she was destined to die that day. That was probably why she refused the blood transfusion! Anyone who died of any cause is destined to die at that particular moment. Nothing will prevent one’s death when his time to die comes!

  76. It’s a pity, how people take this story too serious, cuz the witnesses had been mentioned, you don’t even Cae to know if she is a true witnesses or only bearing the name, some are just interested members, while some are even disassociated. Everyone is just jumping into conclusions. My cousin sister died last year during child’s birth, she was a witness, but got married to a non-witnesses husband, she died after receiving 2pints of blood. What do we now say abt that?

  77. IF YOU THINK YOU CAN ARGUE BIBLE…meet a jehova witness ELDER…my dear u will talk until ur shoes soak with sweat coming from ya NOSE TO TOE…. NONSENSE!!

  78. since she refuse blood transfusion now she is late will the husband remain like that will he not go and marry another person sister be wise great loss to this women familys God is not again blood transfusion

  79. ani jehovah witnxt way i see near my huz sey e dea cum preach i go push dem cum for my huz wat nonsense wat a wicked dat is nt in d bible nd na dem nu d kind of bible dem dea use oh

    • even your so called JESUS recieved cane and dagger. does it mean he cant kill them all? whenever una own christianity is between life and death una go begin think senselessly. you go save yourself first. mtcheew THANK GOD say no be you be JESUS. you for spoil the whole show. anu

  80. I think Nigerian doctors are simply not good probably, in ghana blood transfusion is no longer a serious problem.we even have doctors who perform bloodless surgeries. Beside, the number who die after taking someones blood…someones characters and behaviours so to say because its vested in the blood is more than those who refuse it. Erethropoetin is even faster than merely transfusing blood as a way of healing…lazy paramedics prefare to transfuse blood to patient….why? Its cheaper to acquire….they dont buy them…people donate ignorantly free to them and they sell back expensive to patients. This is STUPIDITY. No Doctor or well learned paramedic evet infuses blood unto himself or his immediate family members because of the many implications associated with it…if you like find out….Stop bodering the JW people…they are by far good…if you know any that is bad he was bad from birth prior to his becoming one…i studied the bible with them when i was a little after 12 i recently got married as a virgin to a man who is also a virgin. If they can teach such values to people why blame them for similar principles that you do not understand…

  81. People Follows Human Made Rules Than What The Bible Said, They Followed Bible Injuction Wen Its Convinient For Them Disregard It Wen They Tot They Want To Pls Theirselves, How Is This A News, Yu Never Seen Other Churches Members That Dies As A Result Of Blood Transfusions Or Those That Contackt Diseases As A Result Of Transfusions, Well The god Of This System Is At Work.

  82. How is this the fault of JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES when you clearly stated that she refused blood transfusion because of her faith. This is not about the religion but about what she has learned and her faith, her Love for our GRAND CREATOR JEHOVAH. You vowed to obey HIM as a ruler rather than men.

  83. Forget about Jehovah’s witnesses, u all hv bibles in ur houses, pick up your bibles read it and do a research about wat God says concerning eating of blood or blood transfusion, and stop abusing d witnesses ,

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  85. Am not against her belief tho buh u guys who ar saying d bible told them not to take blood transfussion n wen u ask them,they wil give u these bible qoutations;Gen 9:4,Lev 17:14,Acts 15:20.I hav gone thru them,they never said “do not take blood transfussion”,rather they said “do not eat meat with blood stil in it…which means strangled animals”…pls,lets not try to be holier than God!!We ar all saved by his grace n mercy…stop self righteousness n cling unto Christ for he is d redeemer of our faith…

  86. God rest her soul….must una put d church denomination n dia belief?…naija media u pipo are suppose to promote peace n not conflict beliefs….

  87. It has already been written that she will die so even if she took it she might die as well, RIP

  88. All these jehova witnesses that come to pray and preach to u Na dem on guy for my compound dey fuck everyday Dem go dey inside lock door Jehova witness my foot

    • Person no dey fuck u???? Abi d ones wey they fuck u…. Don marry you??? Think about your own issues ist……

  89. It’s news because a Jehovah’s Witness is involved. .A non Jehovah’s witness woman took blood and died afterwards. .how do u judge that? Medical experts know the truth about blood transfusion and have made significant advancement to treating patients without infusing blood..No matter how long it’s takes Jehovah’s standards will stand forever…We are light years ahead. .its no pride, it’s the truth be for you will all come to a realization of what the God wants from man

  90. This is just a careless death,what is wrong with blood transmission all this JW members has really being injected with so much and understand the bible.


    • Go and hug 800kv TRANSFORMER You no even fit stand before 5yrs old jehova boy. en go rubbish you so bro if na for my bible tinx. NO GO THEIR YOU ARE A LEARNER If you think say na lie, indirectly engage their 5yrs old boy in argument

    • Try and inject urself with the truth before its too late. Jehovah’s witnesses stand for the truth and wat the bible teaches.

  91. See wahala o, someone died because of her faith, u r here killing yourselves,, she maintained a good conscience..what are going to say first century Christians who were stoned or executed because they couldn’t compromise. Are u going to call them cowards? I believe she lived what she preached what if after being transfused and she later died..u will still talk.leave it to her God to be d final judge instead of finding fault of what u only knew little about

  92. Rip sister, Jah will bring u back wen is kingdom have take place, 4 ur selfsarcrifice spirit.

  93. Likewise faith terbanacle church dnt take drugs nor give birth in hospital cos it’s against their faith… Rip dear

  94. She chose not to, was she forced?, if ur fate says u don’t believe this thing ND u don’t participate na crime, but once witnesses r mentioned, then it is wrong ND all sorts of things r said. She knew she would die but still chose not to take it, r u saying she doesn’t want to live ND takie of her child?

  95. Faith in action. I salute your faith beloved sister. We’re see again in the new world when there’ll be no death. (Rev. 21:4,5 Isa.25:8) Then the Grand resurrection of the righteous one like you. You’re precious in Jehovah’s eyes

    • She is d one am telling u about…… I no ha back den in Lagos…. Am so shock d way death talk piple dis days….. Am so happy for d Hop we have… Seeing ha is d new world

    • #Deco_ventures i hail you oh. precious ke? where you sabi her from. una sabi package another person headache

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  97. We are all here on Facebook saying what we should not, her church her church ,stupidity nonsense, while not go to the hospital n ask the doctor who made the decision is she the one or her church. Hope to see you my dear in the new world were our last enemy death will be brought to nothing n swallow up forever

  98. So sad we lost our dear sister but she did the right thing knowing what is recorded@ Matt 16:25&26 where Jesus himself said that whoever loses his life for his sake will find it,so its of no good will if we gain the whole world and lose our life. Upholding her integrity and Godly principle will not be in vain because there is hope for everyone of us who dies now in accordance with John 5:28&29

  99. Rip in peace sister, in this world u will hv tribulations,death,disease etc but in heaven is joy evalasting in Christ Jesus.

  100. May her gentle soul rip….. This should be our prayers not condemning her decision. Am not a witness

  101. The other time, Jehovah witness people came to preach and from there says it’s 1000 persons that will go to heaven then I said, u are not even sure of yourself. Let me tell u people something, If God treats man with justice, then no eye shall see heaven because even the involuntary acts of man mostly is sin but we don’t even know. #Let’s just know that is God’s mercy that’s keeping us and stop the deciets

  102. But they accept sex. Some pole just allow their beliefs to ruin their lives. The husband and the bride’s killed her out of ignorance and selfishness bcos aw can u claim to love someone and u are obeying useless rules laid down by a man u don’t even know? The God I worship is nt wicked so that cruel law, he can’t acknowledge.

    • Drunkard, you don see truth from my words 😜 😜 😜… The truth must be said

    • If u say dat d God u worship is nt cruel nd wicked, y do u believe dat God will burn pple in hell? Tink carefully before u talk abt d witnesses ok

    • Which lord are you calling to help u…d lord she obeyed and you complain. ?.. I see people really call God only wen dey need him..not wen they aught to obey his clear direction.. Gen 9: 4…if you think religion blind you bcus dey ask you to obey God, dat means you ain’t ready to serve him..he knows why he puts the law there

  103. Chai let her continue with her faith there because doctors no be that same God give them wisdom to no the right therapy mtchew faith ko faith ni

  104. Faithful sister to the end you’re in Jehovah’s memory I know many of u will condemns her or her believe. But how many of u can drink blood or cook it and eat it. If you can’t eat blood why then did u allow it into your body. Blood is scared and it is life u most not eat it. If u take blood transfusion or not who will die will die. I will proudly do the same thing bcos of am a Jehovah witness.

  105. She just obeyed God’s command on blood. Soon all of us who obey God’s command on blood,will see her again when death will be nomore. More information on blood log in to our website Jw. Org.

  106. It’s painful to hear of our sister’s DEATH. But we are happy that there is hope. John 5:28,29 says the hour is coming when all in the memorial tomb will hear his voice and come out. Jehovah will surely resurate her in the new world.

  107. She died loyally…Surely our dear God Jehovah who is ever faithful will remember her in d ressurrrction…don’t border abt her life…rather learn from d #witnesses# abt the wonderful future dat awaits all who strive to be faithful….including my beloved sister who has gone to rest.

  108. My dear sis u died becos of ur faith, u hv runned to de finish wil see u in God’s Kingdom

  109. Many will take d blood n die, what ar we saying. I kn of a lady who allow blood. As some as d 4th one finish d lady give up. We should not displease Jehovah bcos we love our life.

  110. Well done my sis for holding to ur faith we will meet in paradise were there we be no more death revelation 21:4

  111. I know a Jehovah witness one of the elders for that matter he is the assistant H.O.D in my our Hospital..he joins us to sell blood for transfusion to those that need it…so in this case he must be disowned by your church for aiding and abetting…abeg make una wake up

    • Is just like when the bible tell christience to abstain from fonication some obay and others dont. She stocked to her faith and your lecturer didn’t so please my sister don’t say things against the dead

    • Since you present yourself as a medical personnel please define blood. Is blood drug? From which plant is it extracted? As for your so called asst. H O D, are you sure you are not involved in office quarrels? Why the transfer aggressions?

    • What I wrote is the truth…that man is like a father and a friend to us at the office. He cud have quit the job instead of soiling his faith but no he stayed to work, feed his family and save lives for Christ’s sake. Please do what must be done to save life ,ignorance is a disease in itself.

    • In human relationships, no one can express love and hate at the same time. If the so called HOD is a father and friend, how did you post such devastating info about him behind his back? The Christ Jesus I know, does not resort to abusive speeches when dealing with his opponents.Humble ones don’t fabricate false stories to humiliate God’s people. I shall await your definition of blood.

  112. Well blood transfusion should not be made a case study. The sister who die knew that blood transfusion is not a source of life or a like resorter. In the eyes of we humans she is dead but to Jehovah she is sleeping waiting to hear Jesus voice. She died for a faith she held so dear even to the point of death. The resurrection hope is our joy. She has ran her own race what matters now is our own life we who are alive to use our life to serve Jehovah no there is still time

  113. Some of u here dat r saying dat Jehovah’s Witnesses do nt accept blood transfusion bt dey have sex….it also means dat u no dat sex before marriage is bad abi? Wen u pple do these tinz, it is good bt wen it is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it becomes a crime. They r only imperfect humans lyk u trying their best to serve God in dis wicked system of tinz…..Instead of condemning dem, y nt try ur best to cleanse ur ways nd worship ur God WHOLE SOULED?

  114. Wow, she’s truly precious in d eyes of Jehovah for her loyalty and faithfulness. Her reward is great. My condolence to her family. See u very soon. YOU ARE GREAT.

  115. Oh please shut up…. ” Who will die will die ?” Rubbish talk….. God that gave man the wisdom to know the know how of blood transfusion knew that it will save lives, so nobody knows if she would have been saved by the transfusion or still died…. The Master Code for Christianity is the Bible…. If the Bible had spoken against medical knowledge, then it would be clear that God is against it. But It did not, her own ‘RELIGION’ is against it…. So she died for faith in her religion…… Not Faith in the Bible.. Stop letting pity cloud your perception…..

  116. Jehovah never forget his loyal ones, she lived and died for Jehovah. See you in paradise sister. John 5:28,29.

  117. They have come here to salute faith.. A young beautiful woman lost her life and left her baby behind and someone is coming here to salute her faith.. I just don’t know why religion has succeeded in blinding so many people.. Fada lord help us oo

    • Which lord are you calling to help u…d lord she obeyed and you complain. ?.. I see people really call God only wen dey need him..not wen they aught to obey his clear direction.. Gen 9: 4…if you think religion blind you bcus dey ask you to obey God, dat means you ain’t ready to serve him..he knows why he puts the law there

    • Believe it or not,religion is one of d problem we have in Nigeria.. We take religion too far and act stupidly because of religion.. Some set of people kill thousands of people by bombing them because they were brain washed by religion.. Some Christians do things that are funny just for religion.. Some set of Christians will misinterpret bible and think they are wise.. Some guys who are coming here to quote bible that they have not touched for days are still d ones who use lies and sugar coated tongue to lure young ignorant girls to bed with many of them do lot of bad things but they have come here to talk nonsense.. So if u have someone who has sickle cell anaemia that needs blood always, u will just allow d person die and in your mind u think that u didn’t commit murder.. #religious fanatics#

    • @ Chineye u have said it all. They r nothing but set of confused people. I wonder what they are actually taught in that their congregation. Someone died ignorantly and they r rejoicing that she will see Jehovah when the trumpet sounds. I wonder if refusing blood transfusion has now become a ticket to heaven even if she was’nt born again before her demise…… So annoying

  118. Our Christian sister took the step in the right direction by obeying Jehovah’s clear cut command to abstain from blood. All those who have issues with her stand are invariably asking Jehovah why he placed such law. Jehovah is the life giver and we have no right to question his decision. All we know is that she took the best decision ever as an ever loyal servant of Jehovah and in as much as we miss her, WE WOULD SEE HER AGAIN IN THE RESURRECTION OF THE RIGHTEOUS. (John 5:28-29, Acts 15:28-29, Genesis 9:4, Dueteronomy 12:23 etc)

  119. Anthony Lilian sorry for lost your mother due to bleeding… But ther’re those who are saved through blood transfusion- wisdom is profitable to direction…

  120. Why broadcast things like this, there are churches that bliv in faith n not drugs that have lost their members. Y pick on the witnesses. Well I am starting to bliv Wat is said that the true religion ll face persecution. What she dd can be liknd to a snooker that knows e ll die but continues smoking Cuz e is loyal to it. She is being loyal to her blif as those of u worshiping Amadioha are loyal to giving him his drink first

  121. Am proud of my brodas n sistas……see as we full here……Jehovah’s witnesses are d best……we stand up 4 wat we biliv……we base our teachings on d bible n not on general opinions…………am proud 2 among dis wondaful family!#proudlyjw❤

  122. When you love your creator you will be eager to make him happy by obeying his rules in the Bible.

  123. There are other alternatives… It’s painful though d doctors are to be blame not religion…

  124. How can this be manipulated to be ok the operating word here is ABSTAIN from things polluted by idols, sexual immorality, from things strangled & from BLOOD!(Act 15:19,20) Which is greater or less amongst these four? It’s a matter of LOYALTY to obey what is DIVINE we don’t just pick & chose. #saytruthonly.

  125. I am tired of readin comments but I noticed some questions was not answered.. 1.What about those ones that died after taking more than 5 pounds of blood? 2.Is she the first person to die or is it because witnesses are involved?

  126. I dnt kn y people deceive deir self bcos of so called religion Jehovah witness, u die well, for d first place y did u go to hospital if u kn ur faith is enough to make u deliver d baby, rubbish talk and senseless

    • thank you my dear she could have stayed at home and wait for her pastor to deliver her rubbish

  127. He will call and you will answer. He is not unfaithful to forget your loyalty. Resurrection is your hope.

  128. This jw people I think they misunderstanding the bible, if they want to prove some it will not correspond with the bible, that u people cup tea

  129. Pls let not fight over this issue. No blind argument, because even if u talk till tomorrow most of them will not understand. This is because Satan has blinded their mind eyes so that the truth of God’s word will not shine on them

  130. If all of dis still holds, den why did Christ died? Christ died to save us from dis laws,nd gave a standard dat all must worship him in spirit nd in truth, not entangling ourselves to dis laws again,ignorance of men,wettin God go judge at d end really plenty.I pray for his mercies on allllll,d whole world seems to be confused with different doctrine….

    • Yea wetin God go judge really plenty. Strong conviction in Jesus’s death and resurrection is what assures us that Jehovah will bring to life all who uphold his of such is to abstain from blood b it through blood transfusion. She also kept in mind Jesus words that whoever losses his life for his sake will gain it.

  131. Sister rest in peace, Jehovah love’s ur firm act of loyalty to him…..