Toke Makinwa has finally reacted to the Law Suit her ex-husband, Maje Ayida filed against her. She took to her Instagram page to write:

The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace?

Then she further dared her husband by announcing the sale of he “On becoming Book” despite the letter demanding that she retrieve all copies of the books sold, delete the e-distribution of the book, and upon agreement with Ayida, must schedule a place where all copies of the retrieved books must be destroyed.

Ayida has called the book libelous.

Some of the notations made in the ‘Letter of Demand’ sent to Toke Makinwa included revelation that in 2014, she signed an agreement after Ayida “requested legal separation” from her ‘within 6 months’ of their marriage in January 2014 — when it became clear that the marriage was breaking down”.

Why ‘On Becoming’, Toke Makinwa Talks on How She Got the Title of Her Controversial Book

This detail was never noted in On Becoming.

Also, the letter said that Ayida’s public image was ridiculed, ‘assaulted, injured and damaged’ by Makinwa who sought ‘relentless and limitless’ publicity.

“His professional integrity as one of the leading health and wellness practitioners in Nigeria, and his professional credibility built over the years through dedicated hard work have been besmirched”, the letter said.

The letter demanded that Toke Makinwa must retrieve all copies of the books sold, delete the e-distribution of the book, and upon agreement with Ayida, must schedule a place where all copies of the retrieved books must be destroyed.

Then, she must “retract” the “published words” and write full page apology to Maje Ayida on three national dailies. Failure of which “will result in the commencement of legal action.”

  1. when this love was heating up de de make wahala for all social media like say de be titanic photocopy now e don shele. Issorite make i begin de go come

  2. Dnt play with awomans emotions else this is jst a little of what dey can do wen they mean you harm

  3. I do not know why this guy wants to involve himself in a drama this mumu babe has being trying to drag you into!!..

  4. Na wa o. See all these celebrities. Most of them dey get plenty hidden skeletons for their cupboard. And the most annoying thing be say, if their yansh wan open, e go open wide

  5. Their cup of burukutu….. i no follow share inside the money way she make from the book so no shaking!!

  6. why play with her emotion….. It bad enough that it like dis,y not let her be….am sure u stil have sometin in that hrt of urs for her.

  7. Lol… i find her book very interesting.. i actually thought it to be fiction. Seems its for real..

  8. Guy why are you worried just forget about the book so many people must have gotten it by now please move on with your life

  9. Oga don’t come nd form innocence now. Too late. U can’t delete d story from our memory. U Kuma write ur own book na. Mtchwwwww. Biko chillax for where u been dey since. Ur silence gave u more respect

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