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  1. Wait if him don show prof so which one be claim again on a second thought i hate that BBNAIJA show..

  2. No good girl again….all of them are all cheat…all I see in them is trash and that’s how they need to be treated… respect girls is a sin!!!!!…..if u like insult me..that ur headache not mine besides I don’t read replies….I already know how mannerless u Facebook girls can nor be new tin

  3. Keep promoting devils works on TV show in the name of maturity… Bunch of fools

  4. I thought they said this same girl is married to one producer. All these people with their complexities I tire o

  5. am sure, you will watch her the day she will be fucked. because she wont escape sex in Bbn.

  6. Bcos she is in big brother….she has become ur girl abi….fuck off nd go get na, tht ur business

  7. Why do guys like claiming everybody’s girl as their girl?It is people like this that call ashawo their girlfriend.Someone that Flavour has dated before and countless number of guys…

  8. Huh som guys sef!!… Me sef go shame to post ds kind tin… Gal whr diff num of dicks dn fuck!! ..den here she is in BBN fucking round for d whole world to see…. Oboy u gt mind