Nicki Minaj shares photos of herself, Drake and Lil Wayne…


Nicki Minaj is back with her old friend Drake.

Nicki and Drake went head to head over his beef with her then boyfriend, Meek Mill…

The rapper shared photos with Drake and Lil Wayne in the studio..

This would surely hurt Meek Mill

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  1. They have been together before meek mill…. They re both homies to each other. Nothing will freak or hot him.. Nicki can’t date Drake

  2. He use to take selfie pic with her cell phone, when meek mill is not around. She use to, she use to

  3. it no big deal, it fucking music industry ways so y should meek feel bad when it might be his turn with another female celeb

  4. I don’t care when I see my x with another man because my parents thaught me to give things that are nt of my value to less privillage ones. #GBAMMM

  5. So what’s hurting me now?? Bia Gistreel,if una no get better news…..make una wait til Man u finish their match tonight…mbok

  6. Na wa ooo person snap pix with another person them start to blast her naija no get chill at all any ways, you guys would never have a taste of that lady mehn…

  7. Nice, nicki nd drake are amazing artist nd ple love thier song, keep it up nicki nd drake

  8. If I’m Meek I Will feel no pain mehn… My mum always advice to give my used toy to d less privileged..

  9. If I’m Meek I Will feel no pain mehn… My mum always advice to give my used toy to d less privileged..

  10. Dats her problem, mill ain’t gat anything more to do with the hoe he is already tired of fuckin

  11. Nikky Minaj doesn’t want to have anything to do with MMM(Mr Meek Mill)….so shouldn’t she be free to take pics with anyone she wishes to anymore?

  12. Let your credit alert be more than your debit alert .. Smile to the bank while others complain daily… Follow the links below to get started….

  13. If im the one it won’t hurt me cause i have already tested everything there is now tokumbo nah

  14. What is it with all these white musicians, today it’s Drake and Rihanna, tomorrow it’s Drake and Miki Minaj, next tomorrow it will be Chris Brown and Rihanna, mtchew

  15. Is anything wrong with it is just a pix they are not kissing or sexing is just ordinary picture


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