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  1. Na him know oh… Many people really hate bobrisky. He is a stinky human. After all, what is the difference between Denrele and bobrisky? They r just the same. Denrele should stop deceiving himself not me, thinking he is just a Cross-dresser.. See lie.. Abeg, I’m out of here

  2. Mtcheeww… Abeg, Denrele should shut up.. He is just like bobrisky but in a black skin, not yet bleached. Many people know that he is homosexual but he is trying to hide it…

  3. Denrele is better off than that soul called Bobrisky… He’s busy working hard for himself while Bobrisky is busy selling bleaching creams and advertising,, while his own skin is already fading out… Abeg,, no game is being taken over here,, it’s each mallam with his own kettle.. Bobrisky should be teaching about contour and highlightnings..

  4. Both of them are birds of the same feathers. Just Like Jennifer’s saying, Adarada (radarada) (Nonsense)