Attractive Nollywood actor Ramsey Nouah has been married to Emelia Philips-Nouah for 15 years and the couple have three children together.

Ramsey recently held an interview with Premium Times in which he spoke about his marriage and why he and his wife don’t usually appear on the red carpet together.

“Whenever I am asked how we have been able to keep it together, I tell them my wife is the woman who has actually held our home. She doesn’t have a place (in the home) because she owns the home. It’s her call however (way) she wants things done. She is the driver of the family and her decision is final. That is why I say she is not an ordinary woman. She is a triple woman.”

“When some people ask me “how does your wife cope when she sees you kissing other women in the movie?” and I tell them that my wife is special. She understands things in a way many other women don’t. That is why I say, an actor or actress, has to find that special person. It is not love that will bond you. Forget love, love dies. What sustains the marriage is companionship. If you cannot find companionship in your partner from the beginning, then you do not have a partner.”

“Don’t lust after a woman because of her beauty and don’t lust after a guy because he is handsome. You must lust after the companionship that bonds you together.

“My wife and I have an understanding. And this is one of the reasons our marriage is still standing strong. We avoid the public eye because the public has a way of messing up relationships. Sometimes, my wife goes ahead of me into the event, so we don’t do red carpet. It is the same people that harass you for not taking your wife to red carpet event that will sit back and point fingers at how you both look.”

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“My wife is very cute. May be because my wife is not loud or flashy when it comes to make-up or wearing long weaves. She is very natural and she knows that I love her natural looks.”

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  1. People should stop complaining about how much he wishes to show off his wife. He doesn’t show her off, yet they’ve been together for over 15 years. Does that show off Thiers every 3 seconds, no be divorce we dey always hear? C

  2. No marriage is perfect not even our beloved actor Ramsey!!..Na everything una wan know?

  3. Really what holds a marriage is not love, but companionship. Kudos to your wife who is such an understanding darling, May God bless your union and pls continue keeping your marriage life off social media.

  4. Kul… Your wife is such and understanding and lovely wife to be with bcos it’s not all women who will allow their husbands to act romantic movies…. so much love for ur wife

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  6. Thank you Ramsey! There is a difference between having a wife and a colour book as wife at home. Most ladies dont get it at all,a real man like to be with a woman thats all natural not the one that will color everywhere to impress the public. And for the fact that he doesnt show off his wife thats even better,cus one of the things that end celebrity marriages is the media.. Once they know a couple,they keep following you and cause trouble between them. Ramsey dont mind what ppl say..

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  8. 15 freaking years? Mehn, guy you don try pass over celeb marriage them ooo. Hold on tight

  9. We r not interested in ur 15yrs of marriage. Do u knw hw many yrs hv been in mine!besides hw does it help Nigerians problems.