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  1. Whether u love nigerian men or not, men are men. Besides, it’s not all nigerian men that are like that…

  2. Haba… So, u prefer a man who is not a nigerian. What makes u think he wont be worst than a nigerian man… Bcos a man or few men did somethingbthat u didnt like doesnt mean all nigerian men do that. Girl, U r OYO

  3. Recession has made even a common Indomie important in our society.. So u can now use indomie to toast a babe.. ??.. Now dat I’m planning paying her bride price I’m considering a carton of Indomie ??

  4. We have duplicated copies of useless men all over the world!!! Not only in Nigeria!!!! But there are still alot of Good and principled men too

  5. Pls oooo, that get tired yet, try more hard ooo nne, i dont want you to be a lesbian or a big fan od dodo aka sex toys

  6. Shut your dirty mouth up… Your mate re out dia making money learning one skills or d oda. She her face like 1981 century cartoons