When beauty meet brains…

Here’s Funmi Ilawole, a graduate of Economics from the prestigious University of Lagos, Lagos.

She finished with a First Class certificate and we are acknowledging her with this post…

BBNaija: I didn’t give Thin Tall Tony ‘blow job’ – Bisola

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  1. Congrats to you girl Whoever wish you well, good will see them Whoever wish you bad, evil will see them

  2. Congrats to her, I hope she gets automatic employment,so as to reap the fruits of her labour. Congrats once more.

  3. Wow! congrats to her. Lucky girl. In this our economic situation, I just pray she gets a job or else she can end up being a shoe maker, just like the rest of those that graduated with same first class but got no job. Let her pray oh…

  4. Lucky her… I’m wishing same too oh… But the painful part is that, after the bagging of first class in this nation, u will see ppl like this lady, working in a small resturant bcos of no job. Seriously, this is frustrating

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  6. Her story really motivated Me. She’s a role model to a lot of girls & even boys like me. God bless her

  7. It is people like this that make parents to be mounting unnecessary pressure on their daughters in school that just want to graduate with a PASS and become full-time olosho….