Female Cobbler in an awkward position…

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  1. Ehh..Gistreel!”…Ewoooooo!!…Eh!!….Why dem no go won “shine” shoe for there when they can see that which can shine without no struggle!!…Why can’t she wear a trouser for heaven sake EHN?….see how she dey advertise her …..

  2. Weda she wear wear short or not, her two laps suppose close well, well. Abi no be so my pple?

  3. They say it is good to love your job, that way, you give it your all and your efforts eventually pay off. Even so, it is also important that your job doesn’t tarnish your image or taint your dignity. The Nairobi female photo has left many men asking around for her work station just to see how dedicated she is to her job. The shoe shiner is so devoted that she forgets she is wearing a skirt.

  4. Is anything wrong from telling her to sit well instead of snapping and bring her pics to the social media


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