A baby described as a “gift from God” by his parents after being born with four legs and two penises.
The unusual infant was delivered at the Dhadeasugure Primary Health Centre in Raichur in the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

His parents Lalitamma, 23, and Chennabasava, 26, of the nearby village of Puldinni, were at first reluctant for the boy to have any treatment.

But the pair have now agreed for the newborn to have surgery at the Vijayanagara Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS), in Ballari, 94 miles to the south.

Their son is now in neo-natal care at VIMS. They also have a three-year-old boy, who has no known medical conditions.

Dr Virupaksha T. attended the 4.23am birth and said that it was a “normal” delivery. He immediately made arrangements for a transfer to VIMS.

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The baby’s mother agreed to treatment after talking to medical staff and family members. She had said her family was poor and could not afford medical treatment.

Dr Virupaksha added: “I referred the family to VIMS. I spoke to the surgeons there on Sunday, and they told me that the baby was being kept under observation. I hope the infant becomes normal.”

Dr Divakar Gaddi, looking after the baby at VIMS, said: “A team of surgeons is looking into the baby’s condition. It is a very challenging case for us.”

Lalitamma added: “The doctors and members of my family advised me to take the baby to VIMS for advanced treatment. Now, I am hoping he becomes normal.”

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  1. Gift?…Hmmm…..I think it is better I make no comment concerning this issue…… Can this be called a gift?….

  2. When they say gift from God, they didn’t mention the God as in name. So even if it’s the devil its a gift. Lucifer in mankind.

  3. This is evil,what gift from God,operation should be done on that child,to avoid been called a monster when grown up.

  4. this one no be Nigerian pikin, but y is it that all these foreign countries,has the highest number of deformities

  5. Which gift from whose God? Hw can human being say this baby that was born abnormal is a gift from God. What is the good feature in the baby that shows that he or she is a gift from God. God is not heartless or wicked to give a couple this type of baby na… Pls, people should think in a mature way than just concluding by saying it is a gift from God.

  6. This is gene mutation and not from God the world is mysterious itself so don’t think over nothing