Ghollywood actress, Yvonne Nelson has lost her dad. Sources revealed Yvonne’s dad passed away on Monday, January 23, 2017.

Francis Addo who is a close friend of the actress also confirmed the report.

“Yvonne has confirmed the sad news early Tuesday but didn’t give further details” he said.

  1. So sad… but she said she had no close relationship with the father. There was no love between them. So, his death wont be painful to her as far as there was no relationship between them. She will take it as if nothing happened. That’s why relationship b2win parents and their children is very essential..

  2. RIP… Though there was no relationship as to father and daughter. She wont feel weak bcos of his death

    • People that know u noticed. They mustn’t noticed u on media bcos ur not a celebrity so don’t sound lik that. Bcos one day ur name wil sound more than hers.

    • Dats ryt [email protected] ngozi

  3. Even though she had already said she had no close relationship with the father, its still a great loss to her. Rip

  4. No matter how many times they fight or how they are with each other his death will still pain her, her dad is her dad nothing will ever change that

  5. Hey for those of u saying she doesn’t have any relationship with her dad, Wat is ur problem, instead of praying for d man u are saying all kinds of rubbish