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  1. Even tall buhari had to look up to see his face, That means that those of us that are average will have to climb a stool to shake him sef

  2. Lol… Buhari is already old and he I still getting old. U cant Xpect his height to be a little d same with that of the soldier… The man is still a young guy

  3. Buhari is looking up to see the flight that will take him on his next trip out of the country.You know say him no dey siddon for him country….

  4. He av no choice than to look him up… We all av that friend that’s taller than us.

  5. He better stay in office than going to war and use his height to reveal to the enemy their hiding place

  6. Who tallest don epp? Him no see basket ball go dey play? Him dey as statue for Buhari, recieve sense brother!