Pictured above is newly sworn in Gambian President Adams Barrow and his two First Ladies just after his inauguration in Senegal.

Controversy is still waging in the country as the previous President, is still hell-bent on remaining President.

Fayose Declares Ekiti State Part of Biafra

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  1. It is not yet confirmed because Yahaya Jammeh is still staying put and refuses to vacate office despite the swearing in of Barrow in Senegal!!..But on top the matter of having two first ladies I can only wonder how there will not be clash of the “First Ladies” ..but abeg wetin bi my own concern sef?!..*Are they my “First Ladies?”

  2. Controversy is still waging in the country as the previous President , is still hell – bent on remaining President

  3. What nonsense is this sworn in in a foreign country that means Jammeh is still in control Anyway we watching the situation

  4. Hem'” Two first Ladies this one is new o’ Africa? We saw the US Trump today o as rich as he was before now. Ok na”

  5. That is problem we have in is too small,so he has two,that is the beginning of stealing to satisfy the two wives.

  6. Two wives two minds how could two be first lady or ladies hummmm Africa always polygamy nawaoo

  7. Two first ladies, abi? u try. My joy is for our Nigerian soldiers, after all these boko haram issue Yahya jamme want to put them in another thing not worth it and the next thing now is for us to see Adama barrow with women as his take off point. I urge the Gambians to pray for their country even though its like a local government if compared to Nigeria