Lady reveals that any man who sleeps with her gets trapped for 8 minutes after sex

A Kenyan lady,  Mercy Njoki Chege took to her Facebook to reveal what happens to her during and after sexual intercourse with men.

Do you have any advise for her?

  1. This lady is a pure witch… Ha! I pity men she had slept with. Who knows wat she has transferred to them? Poor men

  2. Remain like that….that’s good….at least not only guyz’s good to know ladies cry remain like that till u die

  3. You are possess, you need deliverance. Men should be careful of who they sleep with, Not every lady out there is alive. Some are dead, while majority are from the marine world. Beware! Bewarn! Don’t fall a victim.

    • Loveth Jachinma I love ur words……. U spoke my mind. Some guys don’t know that some of this girl’s are not human being..

    • My gosh, who told u guys dat her case is demonic.u don’t experience it doesn’t mean she’s possessed ..smh Africans sha

    • Stupid girl. The way you experience orgasm is different from other girls. What special brand of ignorance are you? Everything just have to be demonic if it doesn’t suit you? My God.

    • What ever opinion u ve abt her doesn’t make it true. It only exposes ur ignorance nd level of literacy. There is a hormone called testosterone. Wen too much of it is released, it can cause exactly what d girl is experiencing. Africans believe too much in superstitions, thats y they re prey to fake prophets. U should endeavour to research nd get educated.

    • Uche Nwaoze it takes a stupid person to recognize another stupid person, so congrats for your stupidity

    • Egwu Martin Chukwuma you still cannot change my opinion, I am entitled to my opinion, so get used to it.

    • This Loveth Jachinma ignorance is like the open sea. You are just a dumb girl. Everything that doesn’t suit you is demonic? Ewu. Thank God you know you are as stupid as they come.

    • Uche Nwaoze. i was thinking you are only stupid, i didnt know you also lack breeding. get some manners kid and stop displaying your stupidity publicly. foolish fool

    • Uche Nwaoze. i was thinking you are only stupid, i didnt know you also lack breeding. get some manners kid and stop displaying your stupidity publicly. foolish fool

    • I wonder how some people will come to other people’s opinion and start calling them names. If you don’t like her opinion why not behave like a mature person and skip it, do you have to show how mannerless you are in the public by calling her names.There is enough space for everybody to air his or her own view. Loveth Jachinma pls don’t stoop to Uche Nwaoze level, show him that you are mature and leave him to show his immaturity in public. I like your comment and bad belle people should get lost and pack out of the world.

  4. are u sure ur not epileptic, or maybe it in ur family lineage u gast to go bk to ur village ,and find out the cause of it, cos if u go to all this so called pastors dem go chop ur money leave u some of dem will even request to sleep with u,so as to tell u,that’s were ur healing will come from so go to ur village!!! and tel dem wat u observe

  5. I would av helped you but I don’t understand all dis grammer…. Come down to my level maybe I can get u solution. Gistreel chapel is arogun gbogun mo

  6. You’re sexually hyperactive. It’s a condition where you release too much testosterone during sex. You should work on your pre-sex excitement & you can only do that by having sex regularly. May God see you through.

  7. Pls am already a consultant but I stoped buying and i wAnt to go back what doin do to get my details pls

  8. Check the email you signed up with. That’s where you can get your details if you have forgotten your log in information.

  9. Very stupid comments. This girl feels her orgasm in a different way and here, most fools have brought spirituality into it? Africans don’t cease to amaze me. So how do you know she’s possessed? Just because she doesn’t fit the way your normal girl would react during orgasm? You guys are bunch of ignorant idiots if you don’t know that bodies react in different ways to situations. I doff my hat for your stupidities. Omg