Bobrisky has slammed his haters who shared his unedited photo that went viral a couple of days ago.

The Nigerian barbie took to Snapchat to call out his haters. He said his haters should give him money and he will dash them the cream he’s using.

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Bobrisky also said his mama taught him how to slay on haters. Listen to his rant below.

#Bobrisky’s audio message to haters… looool…

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  1. Bobrisky!!….. *I no know which words to take swear for you sef!!.because me don tire for you!!….

  2. This guy must be mad! Oh God! Why did u bring this devil into existence and why is he 4rm nigeria?

  3. E dey pain u so,,,ur ugliness no get part 2…If I slap u from here ehn,,even ur ancestors go go dizzy

  4. Ur in. Need of people who will be damaged like U dats y u want them to come so dat U can show them d cream ur using as if d cream has added gold to ur body.. Mtchweee

  5. So you need to edit your photo before sending it online, that means you are not presentable. You are not even fine to begin with, mtchewww.

  6. I dont just know why they are taking him to be a celebrity. See, the more they are advertising and announcing his existence, the more he will open that his gutter mouth to say all sorts of nonsense that he can think. So, stop celebrating this idiot existence….

  7. Yabaleft sef dey craze, you’ll take this were(mad she/male) post to us but you won’t carry our comments go meet him…abeg let him know it is not a joking matter!

  8. Idiot, nobody wants to be rotten alive. Seriously speaking, I know in reality without makeup & shiit. You’ll be ugly af

  9. I still don’t understand why bobrisky acts like a girl and is so proud of it. Please is it normal or is he overdoing it or is he just Gay? I don’t understand…can anybody help me out here

  10. u want them to come so dat U can show them d cream ur using as if d cream has added gold to ur body, Mumu

  11. I don’t know why our media make idiots popular.Person wey dem suppose tie make them plug boiling ring for him anus.

  12. Lol who say bobrisky is a guy, na gay e be, sum1 dat wil be saying ur dad is begging me 4 sex, wat does dat language means, he’s supposed to be in jail by now, bt don’t kwn wat Nigerian r waiting for, he’s soo disgusting