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  1. The man didn’t see a place he can run to 4 help but to a herbalist place? He brought d problem upon himself… May God help us…

  2. The devil only add problems to a problem and make it look like a solution, that’s why he is what the igbos say Ekwensu bu wete isi bia were isi (give a head and take another head)

  3. Dreadful nightmare after u did money ritual right?#SingingRemix#…u can only run run run pass Terry G,u go run back o

  4. Hmmmm.. How can a herbalist even solve ur problem without putting U in higher problem that d first one, ur lucky u were saved from d angry mob.. Things are happening shaa

  5. Make he no sleep oooo. U go run tired I promise u… Ghost wey dey sleep on his own u don wake am up n u think u ll sleep. It’s impossicant

  6. It still beats me that people still are fetish, nonsense, they ghost neva do you sometin sef