This country is hard. While some are trying to make money legitimately, others are hiding under the guise of the good ones.

Such was the case in this young lady’s business transaction with an online store on Instagram.

The lady who wanted to purchase gift items for her husband, contacted @Carderononline to get the items.

She transferred the amount to them and make more purchases as she made the appropriate transfer again totaling up to N16,000.

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Well, time for delivery and the seller started coming up with different excuses, then they blocked her on WhatsApp.

This post is to alert the public to beware of these fake online stores who just want to fleece you of your hard earned earnings.

See screenshots of their conversation below…

The shop IG handle is :- @Carderononline

Phone number is 08164097246.


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  1. What a shame!!..You dey scam people off their hard earned money in this recession!!..*Kontinu oh!!

  2. I don die,see scam.haa so bad.the best tin is to trace the fool tru d account number and bank.

  3. Obasanjo said that Biafrans are all over everywhere …they re the Drug dealers and Scammers you can see..Bt Yoruba people how market? Lazy people …imagine Ape in human shape the Acct number belong to an igbo man? Fools