This was shared by a eyewitness, Friday Nwagwu, on twitter [email protected] Pictured is a policeman supposedly sitting directly on his gun as he waits in traffic.

The caption read: “@PoliceNG Please how important is a police officers gun. He’s seating on his gun while in traffic!”

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  1. He has the training, has a gun but no logistics. He suppose to be transport to his duty post. But y is like that?

  2. Bc he is protecting d guy, wat of if someone else snatch it from him if he keep it by his side, he can’t hold d gun nd be driving

  3. See .. Y r u all heartles. Just concern about d Gun being stolen.. Or mistakenly shoot some1.. N 4gett d main target n Victim to be. Is his Innocent BALLS .. See no matta d kin of training u gt. balls n balls ..So to me..the guy is a HERO even d avengers cant do wat he just did ..risking his whole family ..dahs a selfless act