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  1. Lol My dear, I also want the same oh but she didn’t mention his name nah

  2. Lol”!..Na double portion of thunder go fire BOBRISKY..*funny thing bi say im go reply the actress

  3. As in eh.. Thunder wey no get mama nd papa, wey don sell im conscience, wey don do press up taya.. Cm multiply im self.. Na im go fayaram

  4. you guys on haste either thunder or no thunder God has already prepared his portion unless he repent

  5. Yes o Brazilian thunder will fire him the one wey no go tangle anytime u comb am eh go fire am

  6. click and see wonders. Live comfortable in dis recession. U will tank me later

  7. Asin ehn that kinda thunder way go b lyk doctor description…. 3 in da morning…. 3 in da afternoon… & 3 in da night