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  1. Hmmm…. Are u sure it was daddy freeze that was doing this… This is a surprise…. The girl would have picked up. Maybe the girl thought Daddy freeze will tongue- lash her

  2. That is Kiibati Bankole an OAP hosting the Radio Show #FansCrossFire tell me how will she be Owing him Money and not picking……. Some Daddy freezy can be funny shaaa.

  3. He is been inmature, I do business and people own me reasonable cash but I will never go to social media to announce it , he should have tried to find out the situation she is or leave her…at the right time she will find him and pay by then holy ghost fire don de burn her…just saying but there are better ways to sort this out

  4. Na today nigeria no say he dey mad. Immature fellow. Since he can’t reason well than to abuse those that are older than his father. I said it that very soon your people will be sorry for u