Guys need to know a lot before they marry you.Guys are weird when it comes to marriage, and from what they tell me, it’s all about timing. But I’m not so sure it is. When it comes to popping the question, guys often treat marriage like an investment — and that means they do due diligence. They need to know certain things before they’re comfortable with marrying someone. Here are seven things guys check for before they decide to marry.

1. He needs to know he’s ready to actually make the leap to a long-term commitment.

Unfortunately, timing is an issue. If he feels he’s not at the right time of his life, he’s not going to propose.

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You can’t force his hand, either. Usually, guys decide they’re ready when they’re financially stable and realizing that the singles scene sucks.

2. He needs to know you’d be a good wife.

He wants someone who would be presentable around family and who might make a good mother for his kids.

He wants to know that you won’t turn into a shrieking harpy once the ring is on, and that you will be willing to do your part to keep him proud.

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  1. U writers over hype this men need to know shit…now adays men want a girl that has money ..whether she a runsgirl …ashawo or something ayam telling u most guys don’t care…they just want a girl running the house while they re dangling the bells between their legs forming men outside Lol…. They looking for babes to exploit and shit!! Not all oh but 80%.gone are the days guys are responsible or looking for good wifely material.

    • He needs to know DAT she would not become an overgrown selfish kid in his house after marriage DAT don’t contribute to the financial well being of the house. One who refuses to do house work while at home and a threat to his financial security in this life commitment.