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  1. Exactly. We don’t need a rough commouflage week, we need a week of blessing, favor, goodhealth and not a week looking like bobrisky because surely any week looking like that female-son is a week of badluck

  2. My fact,I can’t express the love I hv for u!! But if I see an AK47 u will then know that kind love. Fool.

  3. You’re a big waste to your parents your not even ashamed of your self your so irritating idiot

  4. Lolzzzzzzzzz may this week not be “Rough”… may this week show us its real colour and not camouflage. God bless you all…. from Tunde Nut

  5. Everyday I come online, I must see Bobrisky’s face on my Facebook feed…… I am seriously tired………… Atleast make 1 of d bombs wey boko haram dey throw touch bobrisky na ?

  6. This is not worth to be alive you must not go unpunished in Jesus name Amen , what a shame God destroyed Sodom and gomora because of this same act

  7. Abeg,na d borisky be dis….?E be like say he/she put buns inside her cheeks….abi na so her face be…..just curious shaa oooo

  8. see as him face rough like express mainroad for aso rock. may our future be as smoother ,straight brighter lyk good and not as Bob riskys face Amen

  9. Very soon now,we go hear say bobrisky said tunde’s father also need sex from him Lwkmd.????

  10. This idiot is actually telling us DAT God who created him d way he was before is not God telling us he should have created him dis way,but one tin for sure is DAT u and ur fams who allowed u like this will all wrought in d pit of hell.

  11. Dis boy na idot but I no blame de guy shaaa if he is getting money from those nonsense no wahala coz as nija dey so anybody fit do any thing to feed