Powerful confessions from women who became pregnant after being raped


In  a series of very powerful confessions on Whisper.com , rape survivors who became pregnant by their rapists have revealed what it’s like – and what they decided to do about it ..

Many of the victims, some incredibly young when the assaults occurred, opted for an abortion – with some feeling they made the right decision and others having regrets.

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  1. AWWWW, There is nothing you can do about it but just forget the past and welcome the baby as your own

  2. Raping a woman is the worst thing that could happen to a woman,not to talk of getting pregnant from such a bad encounter!!

  3. Did you see ya rapist face? You know him? Hows the face of ya son? I am officer King Master, private investigator, answer this questions ma’a m

  4. To rape a woman is the worst thing to happen to that woman not to talk of getting pregnant for d rapist, keeping d baby is a bold step to take, it doesn’t mean ur bby would behave like ur rapist

  5. Every woman is always raped at that age.. Ain’t surprise but why re u scared make him your joy

  6. This is a very serious matter that need serious solution.. But i need answers to these questions. Did u know the Rapist? Do U want him to be caught? Then if yes, if he got caught and accept the kid is for him what will u do? Getting married to him or Ur gonna give the kid back to him? Why i ask this is becoz i don’t see any better solution that will benefit you Instantly.. Coz he might got Life Imprisonment,or even bring more pain to u.. So leave matter for baba God..!

  7. Keeping a child from a rapist can be a real dilemma because when the child is grown,he or she will ask of his or her father which may bring sad and traumatic memories

  8. Hmmm i luv wat u said don wisdom, but i wnt to ask, after d rapping were u not takin to d hospital for torro cleansin? Wat if dat rapist infected u wit sum kind of diseases wat wil u do,? My dear since it has happened juz move n make d baby believ d fada is dead.


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