Photos: Obama's 15 Year Old Daughter Stuns In Tiny Bikini Top

President Obama’s second daughter ditched her usual formal looks  for a playfun one as she hit the beach in Miami.

Sasha wasted no time in being a regular teenage following her family moving out of the White house.

Stepping out with a group of her best friends, Sasha strutted her flawless beach body around the coast of Miami.

The fifteen year old arrived the beach looking fashionable in an off shoulder white top on tribal inspired paisley shorts.

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Photos: Obama's 15 Year Old Daughter Stuns In Tiny Bikini TopShe let her hair fly freely around her shoulders, and later took off the white top to reveal a tiny black bikini bra top.

Sasha didn’t waste ANY time getting out of Washington D.C, especially now that she’s done taking her school exams.

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  1. Hmmm una don join yabaleft?????? 15yrs …..bikini ….Obama daughter…how does this affect Nigerians?

    • First class fool like you, everything about you is being helped by someone; don’t stand up and be useful to yourself. Keep suffering from give me mentality.

  2. If she like to naked that is her business but what l know is that the Father will get judgement from God for the atrocities he committed with those Northern Muslim that kept Nigeria in these conditions

    • He and Hillary Clinton refused to classify BH as an internationally recognized terrorist organisation until too late cos of Chagoury’s intervention and bribe to the Clinton foundation.

  3. Danley oley, her comment never called for such word, she just said her mind and its not compulsory or mandatory that you must comment if you don’t HV any reasonable something to say .