This twitter user, with the handle @Battletide, whose real name is Ifeanyi, played a very smart one.

Remember those ‘Daddy how did you meet mummy questions’, well, the answer to that question might just be ”I feigned a call to get arrested by your mum… The rest is history….”

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That was exactly what this guy did to get the attention of a beautiful FRSC official. In order to get her contact, he faked a call while driving (trust lastma, they don’t dull). He got arrested and things went well, he got her contact.

See his update above. And the ensuring conversation below…


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  1. offence number one: u’re making call while driving 2: u’re toasting an officer. guilty or nt?

  2. D lastma maybe his school Fwend before departing u can see she’s proud to take d pix