What will we not see everyday?

This photo going round on social media was taken yesterday at the UNILAG matriculation.

Lady is happy She Lost the Keys of Her Mercedes, Didn't Drive it for 21 Years and Set to Sell for More than £50,000

Well, whatever rocks your boat.


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  1. The man who invented make-ups died years ago.. Pls this girl should allow his spirit to rest in peace..

  2. Guys don enter one chance for this make up stuff.. All ladies tot is we guys ll sha fall for them anyway anyhow they dress. Bitter truth on dat day some guys go still hi her thinking she’s beautiful. I don’t blame u cus I can’t create anything but blame d makeup inventor…

  3. Anybody wey stand dey back this one na big RISK him take ooo bcos this one fit BITE person for yansh ….I no think say she don well finish

  4. Even Olajumoke Omo oni bread will never paint her face like this not to talk of an undergraduate student. She must have been overjoyed by her admission into Unilag and wanted to show them the stuff she’s made of. “Kareta”