A young lady has shared a funny yet intriguing story about what her pastor keeps doing to her in recent times.

The lady shared her story on break_or_makeup, telling readers about her pastor.

According to her, the man has taken a liking to her and has been buying her gifts. She revealed that she has frequent meetings with the pastor after which he gives her gifts which were, most of the time, fruits.

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She revealed that although the pastor has not made a sensual move towards her yet, his actions have begun to make her feel really uncomfortable.

Now she is seeking serious advice on what next to do she as is even scared of going to Sunday Service over the matter.

Below is how she put the story:

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  1. calm down dear no cause for alarm. Na holy spirit send him to u. enjoy the gifts while it last.

    • I tell you…Banging on a serious level under the power of anointed………………. *make I leave am for here

  2. If the pastor is not married, that means he has been eyeing u 4 a very long tym but if he ismarried, then u just have 2 be careful bcos it may lead to something disastrous

  3. Why would he not buy you fruits as gifts when he wants you to have “fruits of the womb”!……

  4. Scared of what. If his married act till he says his mind but if he avnt u too u ain’t a kid pray to God before he says his mind.

  5. That’s why some pastors have stopped doing good especially for ladies, because ladies always read meaning into a kind gesture. Maybe the pastor have observed how dry your skin is becoming due to lack of fruit and he decided to buy it for you so as not to embarrass you if he tells you that

  6. if your pastor is buying you all those gifts it doesn’t mean he is after your body na just enjoy

  7. OmG!!!She is my friend.We even attend the same church.This is a fake story.Gistreel why!Why!!!Why!!!

  8. y u go talk lyk dat , she brought her problem so dat we can help her as a family nd u re talking lyk dis

  9. DAT is gives u a wumb stars, afteral u ve to meditate on Gods word coz dere is noting god cab not do.

  10. Nawa ooooo it’s now a crime for your pastor to buy u fruits? What if he asked to eat your matrimonial fruit?

  11. Dat’s problem i have with women when u help them their mind will go straight to their body think dat is what u want from them why their body is nothing even if u just call them hmmm make una repent even if he want something what do u have, go and sleep i hate such post, ur there asking what to do oya go and and live with him #nonsence

  12. Women una wahala too much o,de pastor is showing love to u nd ur complaining (Bible said it show love to one another)

  13. Nigeria with evil thougt nawooo.women una get big problem.what is so impotant about u people body.pastor is ur nest takget right sory oooo ha.

  14. In tekno voice, u like e big banana baby pana… He is showing u a sign that he got a massive banana, run or receive his banana..

  15. In tekno voice, u like e big banana baby pana… He is showing u a sign that he got a massive banana, run or receive his banana.. ??