A lady with a huge backside has made many people go ‘gaga’ after showing off her massive assets.

A curvy and well endowed Instagram user is causing commotion online with her massive assets as she flaunts it for her numerous fans. The lady who is a model and goes by the name MsMiami has left many hearts racing with her sexy and sexually arousing poses on social media.

Her humongous backside has made her a hot cake online with over 400,000 people following her page. She’s not afraid to show off as she has been pictured in different daring and suggestive poses.

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Watch video below:

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  1. Vanity+vanityΓ—vanity = Vanity… said solomon who had many wives bcos of their physical appearance and saw that all led 2 vanity

  2. Not a fan of curve or big ass cus z irritating… Dating a gurl dat can’t rest on me wen dat tin is apnin for 45mins n i will be breathing n sweating like cat is nonsense.