This happened in Edo state, where Hon Theophilus Momoh got married to his beau and they were conveyed in a tricycle to and fro their wedding.

Well, we don’t know what prompted it, maybe a need to be closer to the people or ???

Story of How a Cheating Man Getting Married Next Month Lost His Phones, N50k and his Fiancé’s Jewelry to a Sex Worker

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  1. This post is dedicated to all keke napep Drivers in the building !!!! Maybe they met in a Keke napepper

  2. Even though they had d money to hire d latest jeep but dey choose a simple life style which is using d tricycle to wed , this implies no matter how wealthy we all are we should sometimes leave a simple life

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  4. They have the money, they only want to make a record and appear in news just as now

  5. Whether its by bicycle or on foot it doesn’t matter, as long as you accomplish your goal. They wanted to wed & they did, mission accomplished. NEWLY WEDS I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LIFE. Be blessed…

  6. If it was a poor man now people will start laughing at dem, just becus we all know that the can afford a good ride that is why everybody here is saying”the’re humble, simple, blah blah blah”… If na poor man na em own don worst pass mtchww…. I c it as notice me n nothing else… Abeg let mi com n b wenting jare

  7. Friends, Nigeria recession is exposing fake living gradually in this country. I no blame am. But of course he’s not poor, he just wants to make a statement. Stay glued to the news……

  8. Am just imaging within myself if this was to be a common man what people would have been saying now. All these people complimenting this man will also be the one to yab or make mockery of the poor. Human beings are full of hypocrisy. Let me turn my face where my back is pls

  9. Sandra U n ur hubby now kill person with laugh…. I wish you all the best things of marriage dear. Happy married life course mate

  10. knowing fully well he has a mass resources at his disposal to purchase a highly classy car bt choosed to do away with napep, then great humility in display irrespective of whatever hidden agenda, i love it

  11. Rubbish. They finally succeeded in entering news. As for me, my wedding would be grand. I’ll be conveyed in a very delectable ride. By God’s grace