An unnamed young man who has been described as an amateur kisser has broken the internet after romancing his lover at a public event.

The man has been accused of a calculated attempt to actually swallow his partner with force as her lips were immersed in his mouth.

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The location of the romance has come under questioning but most social media users have hilariously linked it to Ibadan people.

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  1. If he likes, let him sex her on the road, that’s their business… N it doesn’t improve d economic situation in the country… So, who cares???

  2. Anyhow anywhere that’s the definition of love or how they understand love… Let dem be

  3. Anybody who Say’s dey don’t like the way the couple’s are kissing is a jealous person, if i where the guy I will even do more than that, becux it is not easy to find a wife material………

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  5. In the eye of a mechanic,everything looks like the hose that they use to suck fuel from the fuel tank of vehicles

  6. How is that my problem? When I get married I will decide how, when and where I will kiss my wife without minding the environment or what the crowd will say. They will tell me if they contributed when I was paying for the bride prize..

  7. if i where the guy I will even do more than that, becux it is not easy to find a wife material

  8. This is what happens when you’re a mechanic and you’re used to sucking fuel from engine cabrator or tank.