Singer Simi and Adekunle Gold have been dating for many years now and despite Simi’s closeness and chemistry with FalzTheBahdGuy, many still believe Simi and Adekunle are still together.

Adekunle Gold admits he wrote his 'Orente' song for Simi...

Well, seems this photos have all but confirmed it.

  1. i can’t literary agree until one of the 3 person involve announces anything intimate

  2. Yeah. They actually fit each other. Two really deep singers with lyrics and lessons blended in beautiful songs.

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  4. Its a different location with that pix… No u give me hint about them dating eachoda I never tot of it. Well all d best… Wetin concern abeg who get a cup of rice there pls gimme make I chop

  5. I she confused on who to date? At first it was Fals den Ycee now it’s Adekunle Gold. Buh I wish u d best shaa