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  1. Wickedness has taken a new turn in this world,am not sure she own the Girl•••

  2. Nothing else but witchcraft. The one should be investigated, she has gone deep in their coven. I mean, not even weed can make somebody to do this

  3. And when she grow up to be successful, someone will come and tell her “remember your mother is your mother”. God punish the devil

  4. Not all mothers r mothers . The reason might be d father of her baby hurts her but that’s not reason enough to do that to her child . She is a WITCH

  5. Well, the woman may not be as wicked as we think. It may be a manipulation, the things that was done in the spirit was manifested in the physical. She was bewitched.

  6. Hard drug is ravaging the world. Is a campaign against drug.this is only the handiwork of a sorry.

  7. This is absolutely shocking…You pratically have no idea what the future holds for the poor baby and you are trying to offend God with this attitude of yours!”

  8. You don’t deserve to be a mother because if you know what others are going through just to be pregnant for even a day you wouldn’t have done tgis

  9. well its better not to conclude issues, some day she will be told what had happen to her, and she will or hardly forgive her mum for that.

  10. i think there is what God want to use this to show us dat anyone God has not persecuted no demon or man can persecute her/him. your Gods divine project,my deargal, she is you mother

  11. in my on point of view, mayb she has been trying to get rid of that kid,Right from wen d foetus was in her womb,and maybe they told her if she tries it somtn might happen to her,so she decided to wait until d kid is born but without withstanding, this woman has no heart…. maybe somtn might have pushed her to do dis,this matter should be investigated well….she didn’t do it with her normal eye!!! but God in his infinite mercy decided to save that baby!! see peeps,if it s not ur time to leave this world no matter what the enemy will do to u….it won’t gt to u God has an awesome purpose for that baby, let the baby be taken from that woman

  12. women pls you people should learn how to pray in order not give devil way to you home, not to devote all time in pamcat n make up,some of you men are saying dat she is wicked n posses n you go out n buy makeup things to keep you woman biz fashion not even minding to pray, giving way for demons n witches to penetrat you family abi.

  13. What could have prompted this? A mother reportedly threw her daughter in a pit and set her ablaze… In a miraculous twist, the little girl survived. Full stop. End of quote

  14. I always say is it by force to have sex when u ain’t matured to be a mother….

  15. I know of a mother who now lives off a son she threw in the dustbin 50 years ago, evil has been around for a long time, the only one who can make a difference is He/She who is able to subdue the urge, as everyone has a volta face.

  16. Most women r looking for d fruit of d womb.and one is throwing hers away, in future now, if she didn’t concieve, she would start going from one church to another, from. One doc to another to concieve.. Don’t knw wat could even. Make a Mother throw her baby after d pains u went tru during pregnancy and labour. This is pure wickedness

  17. U are a testimony dear. I pray dat the God who help u tru d fire should be with u as he was with Shadrach Meshach and Abednego.

  18. Would dat b true? Or is it true? A mother did dat to her own child? Well, end time. Am not surprised.