Yeah well, the wedding guest was overly comfortable at the event that he had to sit in this manner – a wedding photographer, Maigaskiya who shaded him, promised to reveal his face the next time he tries it again.

He wrote:

Well done bros! You try this again at an event, I will show your face. But am saving the full view; never can tell which office you shall be running for in the future????

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  1. please leave the guy alone jor!!!he has enjoyed himself today,he is just relaxing.. is not assive his leg will be on d chair,stool,table forever!;;; his having his quite time ride on jor!!!

  2. Is is your father’s chair? Ceremonies are set aside for maximum relaxation and total freeness. People should be allowed to eat, drink and seat how they like. If you come to some ceremonies in this northern part of Nigeria, you’ll see more than this sef