9 countries you can travel to and get rich in no time – You don’t need to travel to USA before you make it


Do you dream about living full-time outside the United States? The best countries to work abroad are affordable, safe and offer job opportunities for foreigners (or at least reliable WiFi for virtual entrepreneurs). Here are 10 international destinations where you can unpack, get to work, and stay a while.

1. New Zealand


Work culture supports work-life balance. Locals are extremely friendly. It’s often ranked best place in the world to raise a family.

It’s far away. Internet speeds are slower than most developed countries.

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  1. Far better and suitable countries to travel to or migrate and make it in their country!.But all in all NAIJA BI OUR OWN!!

  2. Though it’s easier to legally get rich in some countries than in other I think getting rich basically depends on the person.


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