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  1. Very soon Now Nigerians will take it up because we only know how to imitate evil

  2. The way devil uses people these days amazes me. From posing naso e go enter…. I reserve my comment

  3. Dis pple are causing trouble…i know Nigerians very well,they will take it to the next level lyk , Hugging transformer, Kissing naked wire….what am i saying?? #lemmemindmybusiness•••

  4. That is their dangerous version of #mannequinchallenge. They have forgotten apartheid regime so quickly

  5. Lolzz. If he didn’t make you start wondering whether he is going insane while he is posing for a picture, then he is not African. Long life Africa.

  6. Make my naija people start dem own pose now, fear go grip u. U will now see horrible death poses with blood all over. U go fear creativity na

  7. U will not blame them… Most of them don dem miss dia baba wey dey busy dey warm the special fire wey him go use microwave him dinner They shud haf hashtag it like #preparingToBeRoastedinHell# Chaiiii devil which kine mortal kombat game u dey use dis pple play

  8. Just like MANNEQUIN CHALLENGE this will also take over the internet..But all I know is that I READ and SAW it first on GISTREEL.COM!!!

  9. Try this in Nigeria and before you know it,bloggers have attached ur picture to one nice story like “see how the pretty girl committed suicide bcos her boyfriend is double-dating” and before u know it,other bloggers will use the same story,by the time u know it…..u’ll see 1.5 k shares and 3.2 k comments with better swear on you.Okadas,Keke Napeps,even buses will not pick u anymore…who go pick ghost?If e disappear,who wan pay for am?

  10. I gone be waiting for your #deadpose pictures Noxolo Sim KaMhlaba see whats trending back home lmao 😀 😀

  11. Soon a Nigerian will start and will defend himself foolishly like “what’s wrong with me posing the way I like with my body? ” …bunch of idiots

  12. That is their dangerous version of #mannequinchallenge . They have forgotten apartheid regime so quickly

  13. Hmmm dis Is really crazy, one don’t wish or play with wat he or she doesn’t want.. Nawaoo

  14. I swear ya give me the weirdest, funny, and real Shit! Mildred C Blings you should see this.