Remember our Friendly-neighborhood prophet who apparently claimed he turned cold water into hot water? Yes! Bishop Sam Zuga is back again.. and this time around he says a life-like object came out of a lady’s private part during a massive deliverance session at one of his crusades in Katsina-Ala Benue State.

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Below is what he put on his Facebook:

This came out of a lady’s private part during massive deliverance at Katsina-Ala Benue state

Looks like a Frog.

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  1. Hmm…. Brother u see dat gal get big butt n sharp… I op u learn your lesson with this weda tru or lie.

  2. Was it actually a miracle? Ehem, to the boys who like tasting women up and down, that is a case of eating poison without knowing. You see naa? All her ex’s are probably in trouble right now

  3. That’s y it’s nt good to be jumping from one man to another or one woman to not her all in d name of sex,entering into dangerous covenant unknowingly, dats y most men don’t prosper in biz.

  4. Hmmmm,not saying its a lie ooooo,although lesson for d girls,but it can’t be true